Rodeo Attitude News – Site Review

Today I stumbled across a website for rodeo news across the country. Rodeo Attitude News calls itself the premiere rodeo website (which I can’t quite verify), but it aggregates and produces industry news from the major associations – the WPRA, the PRCA and the PBR

The website, which is a bit tough to read and get through because it has so much information, divides its pages up by association. It acts as an aggregate for different association’s press releases, and brings them all together – featuring event coverage, stories on competitors and even entertainment. The top headline today came from a PBR press release about Ty Murray as a competitor on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.
It does provide some useful content, as it links to the association’s pages. The site tries to highlight association event listings, but it seems to be a bit behind. That said, keeping up-to-date with any events within the rodeo/barrel racing industry can be trying at best, as promoters themselves tend to be slow at disseminating information. 
The site has a lot of great resources, like practice pen listings and a personnel directory. It features some multimedia content and even message boards, which seem to be building an online community, as the message boards are relatively active. 
It focuses mostly on rodeos and barrel races West of the Mississippi, though. So, for those of us stuck in the Mid-West or Northeast, it’s just a nice site to look at every once and awhile.  


2 thoughts on “Rodeo Attitude News – Site Review

  1. Where have I been!!! I just looked at my followers and dadgum . . . your one of them! I’m so excited! We go to alot also. Mainly for the B.R. information. My husband likes the team roping stuff. I’ve not personally had time to look around the site but my daughter has. I’ve looked through your other posts. Great information!! I’ll be back for a visit again!Would love to hear about your travels.Blessings~P.

  2. P – Thanks so much for the comment. I’ve been loving your families stories in your blog! I’m sure my live-in teamroper/boyfriend will start enjoying the RodeoAttitudes site too. Is the family headed to any rodeos this weekend? Looking forward to staying in contact!Chelsea

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