Weekend Review – Bullride Mania at McHenry, MD

What: A bulls, barrels and broncs rodeo by Dave Martin’s Bullride Mania

Who: Bullride Mania tour barrel racers mixed with local barrel racers. 
Time: 7:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Barrel racers run after the long-go of the bullriding and a 15-minute intermission. 
Fees: $50 cash per night. 
Added Money: $300 plus 100 percent payback. 
The Ground: In typical McHenry fashion, the ground was deep, slippery red clay. The long, narrow pen was made slick by the week’s rain on Friday. On Saturday, as the pen dried out, the local fire company brought in a tanker truck to wet the pen down again, making it even more slick and muddy than the night before. 
Overall: The rodeo itself was pretty well organized and ran smoothly. Everything ran on time, and it was really nice to be able to show our horses the ground during the intermission. It wasn’t really a rodeo for a young horse or a horse that hasn’t run a ton of rodeos. 
The hospitality couldn’t have been much better. We had free camper hook-ups, a pavilion to cook out in, where Bullride Mania regulars cooked food for every contestant and guest. Those who put on the show also provided free meals after each performance. The fairgrounds even offered free stalls for however many horses we had!
Deep Creek Lake has a lot to offer during the down time, including a great bar across the street from the rodeo grounds and go-carts. 
Results: Friday:
1)LISA BARONE 15.853=$450. 2)DOREEN ULERY 16.119=$270. 3)CHELSEA TOY 16.283= $180.
1)CHELSEA MAGAHA 16.962=$388. 2)CHELSEA TOY 17.104=$291. 3)LAUREN DEVLIN 17.120=$218. 4)KELSEY RICE 17.230=$145. 5)KATIE KLINE 17.664=$109. 6)SAM SNAPP 17.737=$60.

My run Friday, July 3rd. 


4 thoughts on “Weekend Review – Bullride Mania at McHenry, MD

  1. Gotta love some of the crappy ground you come across when running with Dave Martin.. Stoneboro has to be the worste.

  2. Actually, of all of the tracks, I tend to like Stoneboro! The light ground normally treats my horse pretty well. The only problem is that it has rained almost every year I've been there! We'll see how Mercer is this weekend.

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