Weeklong Profile of Ed Henle – Top PA Barrel Racer – Part 1

This week we will be featuring an interview with Ed Henle, a barrel racer from Hookstown, Pa, who has been consistently in atop the Penn-Ohio standings over the last few years. The Barrel Racing Blog asked Henle some 40 questions covering his beginnings in barrel racing, his training techniques and his arena preferences. We go in-depth with Henle, shedding some light on the methods of a top local barrel racer. 

History – Part 1

What horses are you running right now? What are their names, ages and how are they bred?

– SF Who Shot Doc (gunner) is 9 yrs old and Hustlin Miss Heather (Hustler) is 5. Gunner doesn’t really have much on his papers.

What associations do you belong to and are you trying to win anything big this year (any titles)?

– The only organization I belong to right now is Penn Ohio.  I’m really not trying to win anything big but I am in the top 3 in the junior horse and adult standings.

What are some of your past accomplishments, and on which horse did they happen?

– At the 2004 Pa State Horse Show I won barrels and poles and was reserve champion in keyhole. In 05’ I won all 3 classes on my red app mare (Windy).  In 07’ I won the youth average at the Wilmington Spectacular and I was 4th in the open average.  Also in 07’ I made it to the finals in Mississippi at the All American Youth on my gelding (Gunner).  At one point in time I held the arena record at Wildhorse and Buckhorn. I still have the record at Buckhorn, but Mike Hulsinger has the record at Wildhorse.  I broke the Buckhorn record last year and then I broke my own record this year. In 07’ I took 3rd in the youth barrels at Congress and I was 5th last year.

When did you get involved with barrel racing, and how?

– Im not positive when I started running barrels but I would guess around the year 2003 (I haven’t been into that long).  My sister had always rode pleasure horses, but I was into the timed events where your running against the clock, not hoping a judge likes your style of horse.

Who helped you get started?

– Dan McGlaughlin helped me with the basics when I first started.

Was your first horse one that you trained?

-No, my first barrel horse was already trained…he carried my ass around and taught me a ton.

Where did you get the horse(s) you are running now?

– I bought Gunner from Deena Fries roughly 3 years ago.  The app colt was born at our farm, I’ve had her since she was born.

Who started/finished it (them)?

– Deena Fries deserves all the credit on Gunner’s training.  I’ve done all the work on the app.


6 thoughts on “Weeklong Profile of Ed Henle – Top PA Barrel Racer – Part 1

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