Ed Henle – Part 4 – The Mental Game

In this final section, Henle discusses many of his thoughts and philosophies on competition. 

What morals/rules/ethical standards do you live by when running horses? In other words, how far do you think people should go to win?

– I don’t really believe in drugging up a horse; however you cant control what other people are doing.  I personally wouldn’t be able to stand myself if I “cheated” to win but that’s just me and some people will do ANYTHING.

What vet do you use? Why?

I use Bill Smith from Chester Vet to do all the shots and checkups, but I use Jimmy Boucher when I get their hocks done or x-rays etc.

Any major career goals?

– I’d like to stay in the sport for along time.  As a goal, I’d like to be able to go anywhere in the country and be competitive.

What are you going to school for?

– I am going to Penn State for business.

What’s the best thing about your riding?

– Some people have to work extremely hard to ride but everything has come pretty natural for me.

What do you really struggle with or what was very difficult for you to learn when running a horse?

– When I started running my colt I had a hard time adjusting back and forth between her and Gunner.  They run completely different, and this caused me to over-ride the good horse.

How supportive are your non-horse friends and family of what you do?

-My family is extremely supportive and all my closest friends are involved with horses as well so they are supportive too.

Any superstitions when it comes to running your horses?

– I always follow the same routines when getting ready to run but I do think any would be considered superstitions.

How do you feel about those who say barrel racing is a woman’s sport?

-The majority of people are indeed women; however there are guys who do it therefore calling it a girls’ sport is not true.  I do think its bullshit that guys can’t run barrels at most rodeos.





















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