Bleeders – Some Insight from Barrel Horse News

Last month’s Barrel Horse News featured a lengthy feature on Exercise Induce Pulmonary Hemorrhaging, or bleeding from a horse’s nose, generally after intense exercise.

The article covers EIPH with great detail, listing new treatments not yet widely used amongst barrel racers.
With the middle of summer heating up and our horses running hard each weekend, EIPH can factor into our horse’s performances more than we’d like. Though the article says we still can’t be sure why horses bleed, there’s a lot we can do about it.
Listing Lasics, Premarin, Omega-3s, Seramune and nasal strips as some treatment options. Check out the rest of the article to get all of the great details!

6 thoughts on “Bleeders – Some Insight from Barrel Horse News

  1. Hi Chelsea,
    I just came across your blog and your highlighting the article on EIPH from Barrel Horse News. You may want to check out comments on a forum from where people are writing about their results with Equiwinner patches in treating EIPH and tying-up. As one poster wrote it’s the “best product”. Click here

    You can check our website for complete product details. Imagine, a 10 day treatment for EIPH with long lasting results and nothing goes into the body of the horse. The horse heals itself.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. We have a 19-year-old mare at home that bleeds terribly and nothing has worked. I’d love to see if the Equiwinner patch would work on her, she’s a great old mare that has been burdened by EIPH for the past few years.

  3. The EquiWinner Patch has absolutely NO scientific backing to support its use. There is no reason that taping two salt packets to your horse’s skin will help with EIPH. In my experience as an equine sports medicine veterinarian, the most common underlying cause for bleeding is lower airway inflammation either from subclinical infection or from “heaves.”

    To effectively manage this, I recommend about 5cc of Ventipulmin once or twice daily and a 5 day course of antibiotics such as Tucoprim. Further, giving Ventipulmin about an hour before a barrel race should keep the horse from bleeding.

    Hope this helps.

    Dr. Taraba

  4. There’s a lot in nature that hasn’t been scientifically proven. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. And, the flip side is, a lot that has been scientifically proven has later been discredited. If you only believe in “scientifically proven”, you’re limiting your knowledge because there’s still more that happens around us that we don’t understand yet. Always will be. Keep an open mind.

  5. I agree. We have created a natural product that Barrel Racers in Florida and Georgia among other states have really embraced as a remedy to their bleeding problem and in many cases has eliminated the use of lasik all together. It is given orally twice a day and cost $33 for a 6 week supply. Not only do the horses stop bleeding, but they show better times because they feel so much better. Many customers ask if we put vitamins in our Bleeders Answer. The answer is no, the product naturally helps horses feel better. If you have a bleeder that has not responded to other remedies, check out Bleeders Answer from Bev’s Equine Products.

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