Michele Dibert – PA State IBRA Director Goes on the Record – Part 1

Three weeks ago, Michele Dibert lit up the Pennsylvania IBRA Finals, brining in more money than any other horse and rider team that weekend. For the IBRA director who spent much of her time organizing and running the finals, this was no small feat. After her big weekend, Dibert spent some of her time talking to TheBarrelRacingBlog to answer questions on anything from her riding styles to her favorite truck and anything in between. In the first part of the series, Dibert discusses her riding background and her role as the state IBRA director. 


When did you start running barrel horses?

I actually haven’t ridden barrel horses that long.  I traded four minis for my first barrel horse in 1998.  His name was Nonstop Moon and he taught me a lot about barrel racing.  

Who taught you to ride?

My childhood neighbor taught me how to ride.  

Why barrel racing, instead of anything else?

I like the fact that your against the clock and it isn’t based on how much you spent for your outfit and tack.  It’s your horse, you, and that clock!  I love speed too!

What has been your biggest accomplishment to date on the back of a horse?

A good showing last year at Nationals!  Actually every clean run I feel is an accomplishment.

Do you hold any arena records?

At a local arena in my home town.  

What horse have you had the most success on?

There’s actually two that I have done well on, my gelding Mr. Castenada and my daughter’s gelding, Cody.  

What is the biggest check you’ve ever taken home in a single weekend?

2008 IBRA East Nationals

What does your family think of your barrel racing life?

They support me, they know it’s what I love to do, and my daughter hauls with me!

How long have you been the PA IBRA State Director?

4 years

What are your responsibilities?

Promoting IBRA, getting shows approved, answering questions that members have and giving them support, making sure rules are followed, keeping the PA IBRA website updated,  awards and planning a banquet, and numerous other things.  

Why did you decide to get involved with the IBRA?

It’s a super organization with good values.  The members are terrific and make you feel like your family.  I have made so many great friends being a part of this organization.

What do you like about the IBRA as opposed to other organizations?

On the most part everyone is there to have a good time and everyone is like family.

How much longer do you plan to work with the IBRA?

As long as I can!

What are the perks of the job?

Great friends!


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