Michele Dibert on Training – Part 2


Do you train your own horses?

No, I have a full time job so I don’t have time to train them.  They go to Grow’s Equine Services.

What philosophies do you stick to when working with a young horse?

I don’t want to get them burned out.  I want a horse that will be good for the future!  I feel you should take it slow with them.

What sort of horse body style do you prefer?

I like a tall horse built like a TB.

Any bloodlines you think are better than others?

I love my Dash For Cash but recently have fell in love with Quickstraws!

At what age do you expect one of your prospects to be ready to hit the rodeo trail?

I have started one recently and he has handled it well.  I just need to trust him to do his job and he will take care of me.

Any favorite techniques when putting a young horse on the barrels?

I haven’t had that many young horses but the one I have right now likes to pick his own pocket.  

What is your favorite training tool?

Draw reins!

What is your favorite bit for a young horse?

L & W chain snaffle


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