Overholt – In the Arena – Part 3 of 5

A true competitor, Overholt talks about her adaptability to different arenas and ground in the rodeo pen.

In the Arena
What type of ground do you prefer to run on?
Prefer good footing and to be at top of drag but I take whatever it is and make the best of it.

Do your horses have any preference of ground or do you pick horses that can take anything?
Casey the horse I run the most will run on just about any type of ground, but it has taken a lot of hauling and running in different pens to get her that way.

Do you like big or small pens?
I like medium sized ones the best but it doesn’t really matter I just try to adapt to the situation.

What is going through your head when you’re running to the first?
Oh no don’t hit it…

What are you thinking running home?
To push as hard as I can and don’t stop till I’m at the gate. Way to often I see horses shut down before the timer line.

How do you approach a barrel (i.e. with a wide pocket, straight at it, etc)?
Fairly straight with little pocket.

Do you run with spurs, a hand whip, or nothing?
Usually with spurs and a whip. It depends on the horse. I have one horse that hates whips and if I carry one he tries to run off and loses his head even if I don’t use the whip.

What is your horse’s cue to turn a barrel (i.e. lift, leg pressure, etc.)?

My horse Casey rates barrels really good so I just have to drive her all the way. Most other horses I just sit back a little and barely touch the inside rein.

What is your favorite bit for a finished horse?
O-ring, jr working cow horse or a half wonder bit.


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