Weekend Review – Henderson’s Arena – Jackson, Ohio

The final weekend of summer drew in huge crowds and top horses at Henderson’s Arena in Jackson, Ohio. With exhibition only on Friday night, by 6 p.m. Friday the parking lots were full and electric hook-ups were scarce. When all was said and done, though, Ohioans Kelly Pitts and Brad Shirey took home the wins in the 1D on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. 

What: NBHA OH District 05 Money Maker.
Who: Hundreds and hundreds of barrel racers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. The Open had over 350 horses on Saturday night. 
Added Money: $2000 each night in the Open 3D.
The Ground: As usual, the ground at Henderson’s was soft and deep, generally in a good way. Some people came out of the pen complaining the ground was too deep, but most thought it was fine. The tractor drivers did a good, quick job working the arena, helping the huge show to move along. After every 100 horses they ran a big drag that kept the ground holding. The ground was not particularly fast, though, as 15.5s and 15.6s have won at Henderson’s before, and usually a few more horses get into the 15s than just the three or four that did this weekend. 
Overall: This was a top-of-the-line show. Many of the best horses in the area showed up to run here. The barns were packed, and the parking lots were crammed. With well over 100 in the Youth each day, too, the show was a huge success and really drew in the talent. 
Although the committee only held exhibition Friday night, if you needed to do some tuning the barrels were set up in Henderson’s outdoor arena, where the ground was soft and the pattern isn’t much different from inside the arena. 
Aside from just the ground, the competition and the added money, the hospitality at Henderson’s Arena could not be better. The food stand offers a wide array of delicious Southeast Ohio’s best home-cooked meals and desserts at reasonable prices. Even more, Henderson’s Western Wear and Tack Shop had some great sales and always has the latest in western fashion that’s hard to find anywhere else on the East Coast. 
Results: Kelly Pitts on Tin Zan Man won Saturday night with a 15.964, and Brad Shirey took home all the money Sunday with a smoking 15.838. 

6 thoughts on “Weekend Review – Henderson’s Arena – Jackson, Ohio

  1. I love Henderson's arena. (And not just because its close to home! lol) They always have the best deals on both apparel and tack, always have clean grounds and above all they are the nicest people you could ever meet!

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  3. Mahoney’s Horseshoeing Service I would love to work on more horses in the area. I’ll be back out that way the weekend of the 18th please call to set app.
    brandon (724)557-1356 thank you

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