Weekend Review – IBRA/NBHA at Porchview Arena, Acme, Penn.

On one of the coldest days so far this fall, western Pennsylvania’s barrel racers headed to Porchview Arena in Acme, Penn., to show down in one of the last barrel races before many head to the All American Quarter Horse Congress. For many of the youth, the pressure was on to have one of the last good runs before the Congress. In the open, though, it would prove to be a pee-wee’s show, as Julie Siesky, the leading Penn-Ohio pee-wee, set a pace atop her mother’s retired barrel horse early in the night that held throughout the 70 horses in the Open 4-D. 

What: IBRA/NBHA Barrel Race, 3D Youth, 3D Open, 4D Open, 3D Masters
Who: Barrel racers and pole benders from the Tri-state area, many IBRA members
Added Money: $300 added in the 4D, $25 added in the Youth
The Ground: The major complaint of the show was that the ground was not sticky enough for some horses that really needed to get down deep in it. It did seem rather loose, but no major falls or accidents happened because of the ground. It was pretty safe. The fastest time of the day was run in the Masters, with Roger Bracken cracking a 15.2, but nothing was faster. 
Overall: Some great horses ran some great times at this show. It was great to see Julie Siesky win the open with a 15.4, as later her mother said this was her first 1D check ever. A lot of people ran in the 15s, showing the consistency of the competitors in the area. 
The weather put a damper on the fun, and the mud outside the arena got lots of splint boots filthy. Parking became kind of a nightmare as many people were parked in because those who pulled in later were trying to avoid parking in the field and getting stuck in the mud, although the mud in the fields ended up not being too bad. 
Porchview’s show committee had some great warm soup and coffee to keep everyone warm, though. Some vendors also showed up to sell sparkly tack, jewelry and purses. 

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