Change is Coming!

So, if you’ve noticed that things have slowed down here at The Barrel Racing Blog, I really apologize! I’ve been making big plans to move this blog over to a NEW site, with tons of new features and lots of great information.

Pretty soon, I’ll need you all to start logging onto, where I’ll be adding content daily. The new site right now has the same content as this one, and you can continue to get content on both sites until Jan. 1 when the new site will be fully up-and-running!

Throughout this process, I’d love to get feedback from my loyal readers. This website began as a venture in building an online community of barrel racers and helping barrel racing enthusiasts connect with one another. So, nothing would help me more than hearing from you exactly what you would like to see in a barrel racing website.

QUESTIONS: What can I do to improve The Barrel Racing Blog? How can I help you interact more with this site and with one another?


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