’s Lisa Barone – Part 1!

Barrel racer, soon-to-be mother and bride-to-be Lisa Barone has had a lot on her plate this past year, but none of that has stopped her from producing some of the most eye-catching tack and western accessories east of the Mississippi. Her company, The Tricked Out Horse, offers more to barrel racers than the simple bling headstalls and breast collars. From her wide selection of hides to her poker-chip conchos, Barone and The Tricked Out Horse bring an outlaw edge to tack world. 

What products do  you offer? 
We offer headstalls, breastcollars, tripping collars, tie-down nosebands, bronc halters, belts, spur straps, dog collars, buckle purses, diaper bags, gear/clothes bags and misc. items such as crosses, drink coozies and coaster, over-and-unders and stirrup hobbles. Basically we can make virtually anything.
Why are your products different from other lines out on the market? 
Most lines are custom, and all our work is made from scratch. I have come up with some styles that haven’t been touched on yet. Plus I let the customers come up with their own design and make it to their specifications
Who is your target market and why? 
I have a wide range of market from Show to Rodeo. My dog collars for instance are sought after by many being that it is my own design and there aren’t any like them on the market.
What is your inspiration for your work?  
I’m a very creative, artistic and competitive person. I like to be the best at all I do as well as I like having satisfied customers. Happy customers are repeat customers.

When did you start making tack/belts/etc.? 

What is the price range for a headstall/breastcollar set? 

How can readers of The Barrel Racing Blog get a hold of your products?

Check back tomorrow for more on Barone’s barrel racing accolades and how that’s helped her put together these great products!


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