Welcome to 2010!

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for sticking with The Barrel Racing Blog throughout 2009! 2010 promises much, much more with this new site.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting an interview with THE Sharon Camarillo about her new book, “Barrel Racing for Fun and Fast Times.” I’ll ask Camarillo about her inspirations for the book, her training methods and her career. Check back soon to see what this barrel racing legend has to say!

Also good news for 2010, The Barrel Racing Blog’s friend and interview subject Natalie Overholt has qualified for the IFR yet again. With nearly $7,000 in IPRA earnings, Overholt has had another great year with wins at some of the circuits biggest rodeos. I’ll hopefully be speaking with her soon and have her takes on the season and her upcoming IFR trip!

Also, I’m working on a story about Penn-Ohio Barrel Racing Association and the group’s new site. It’s an amazing testament to the group’s 20 years in the region and the impact it’s members have made on the local and national barrel racing communities.

So, look around at the new digs! Of course, I will continue to provide all of the same content you love like interviews, weekend reviews and the occasional commentary, but hopefully there will be more to come as well!


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