And the Warm Up Begins…

Here in Southeastern Ohio (and the rest of Ohio), we’ve been under a freeze for weeks. The snow hasn’t left the ground and my horses have been getting fat, because all the work I’ve been managing with them has involved riding bareback to keep my butt warm. But, this weekend, the Ohio and Pennsylvania region will be limited to one show at Grizzle Ridge arena in Jerusalem, Ohio, because the show at  Porchview Arena in Acme, Penn. has been canceled. Grizzle Ridge is about a two-and-a-half hour drive from Porchview, so if any of my Pennsylvania friends still want a show to go to, Grizzle Ridge is it! Plus, the arena has a heated lounge area, always a big plus this time of year, even though the weather is supposed to be warming up!

Show Bill:

IBRA-approved classes- Ohio and W.V.


Exhibition Barrels                                $3.  per run

Exhibition Poles                                    $3.  per run

1. Pee Wee Poles (12 & under)               $3.

2. Youth Poles (18 & under)                   $8.

3.  2-D Open Poles (1 second off)          $10 $50 added*

4. Pee Wee Barrels (12 & under)            $3.

5. 2-D Open Barrels (1 second off)       $10.

6. Youth 3-D Barrels (18 & under)        $12. – $100 added*

7. Masters 2-D Barrels                             $12. – $50 added*

8. 4-D Open Barrels (1/2 sec-1 sec-2 sec)    $22. – $350 added*

70% Payback in all classes

*Class 8 – Minimum 50 entries for added $. Under 50 entries = $50 added per 10 entries.

*Class 3, 6, 7 – Minimum 20 entries for added $.

1-D, 2-D and 3-D will pay (1) place per (4) entries; 4-D will follow IBRA suggested payout

IBRA-  $2 approval fee included in entry. $2 grounds fee per horse (waived w/stall rental)


So, stay tuned for a Weekend Review of Grizzle Ridge Arena’s show, as we will all hopefully enjoy above-40ºF weather!


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