Mike Hulsinger – Penn-Ohio Open 1D and Masters 1D Champion

With his trademark bandana and his smoking fast runs at arenas like Simmons Equine Center, Hulsinger took home the Open 1D and Masters Championships. Hulsinger’s smoking performance in smaller pens helped him win the two championships, and below he details the ups and downs of his year and a little bit about the horse who made it all possible.

Open Champions from left to right - Mike Hulsinger, 1D, Vickie Siesky, 2D, Marissa Mooney, 3D, Amy Fulton, 4D

What horse(s) helped you win the 1D Open and Masters saddles? (Reg. name, barn name, age, breeding)

Jones Is On Fire did most all the 1D work.  Jonesy is his barn name. He is out of Firewater Flit and PaJones. He was bred on the Jud Little Ranch Oklahoma City.

How long have you been with that horse(s)?

I bought him not broke yet as a coming 4-year-old, and I’ve been riding him almost tw0 years.

Take our readers through your year. How did it start out?

It started pretty strong. We won some good races, but had more trouble during the later part of year.

What were some of the bumps in the road this year?

Big arenas – we had too much speed not enough control.

Hulsinger on Jones Is On Fire at Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio

What was the highlight or best run of your year?

I think Jonesey’s win at Circle G Saturday night with over 200 head, it was exciting.

What was your mentality going into this year – were you planning on hauling to win it or did it just happen?

It just happened. I haul to race and have fun. I love the game and competition.

How many barrel races do you think you made it to this year?

Probably 45 or so.

Who helped you the most throughout this year?

All the competitors. It makes me try harder the more I get my butt whipped!

What was your favorite Penn-Ohio arena this year?

Wild Horse Hollow (SEC) seems most like my home turf.

Tell us about your saddle. What brand and style did you pick, and why?

I let the class directors pick. I’m not good at that stuff.

What are your goals for 2010?

Ride fast and hard and kick a$$! ha ha


5 thoughts on “Mike Hulsinger – Penn-Ohio Open 1D and Masters 1D Champion

  1. First, thanks on your astute post. I really like your website and find it incredibly instructive. I admire your facility of pointing out (by blogging) small things that others never take the time to mention. I found it while doing a quest on Google and I definitely will come back here when I have more time.Thanks

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  5. I just started finishing my horse under Mike. I honestly have to say he is the most helpful and constructive trainer I’ve ever been to. He also believes in the horse and does a lot of mental support too! It’s awesome to get lessons from him, and I’m so happy that I get to have lessons with him! Congrats Mike on your booming barrel racing career!

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