Congrats On The Rodeo Road on Your One Year Anniversary!

The Barrel Racing Blog’s good friends at On The Rodeo Road are celebrating their one year anniversary today! In the last year they’ve been tireless in providing stories from around the nation with rodeo news, features and more. AND they’ve provided a spot for some talented rodeo athletes to share their stories, too. Ohio barrel racer Amber Mostoller and bull rider and team roper Shane Rickly are two of their featured competitors who provide followers with rodeo updates via the site.

SO in honor of their anniversary, they’ll be giving away an On The Rodeo Road beanie! All you need to do is visit their site or their Facebook page and leave a comment naming your favorite rodeo competitor, past or present, and they’ll randomly draw a winner at midnight Sunday Feb. 14.

Congratulations Blue Moon and Guinness!


2 thoughts on “Congrats On The Rodeo Road on Your One Year Anniversary!

  1. Hey Girl!

    You totally rock! Our website has been so much fun this past year but one of the biggest perks is the people we have met. Thank you for being so great and being a contributor to OTRR. Becoming friends with you and getting to watch your website grow has been a delight. You are doing fantastic!! I love getting to read it every day. Remember if you need anything just yell down to your KY girls!!

    Thanks again!

    Blue Moon!

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