Best of The Barrel Racing Blog

In the last year, The Barrel Racing Blog has grown by leaps and bounds, interviewing fantastic local talents and getting to know Tana Poppino, the current World #1. So, over the next few days, I’ll be letting some of our newer readers catch up on what they’ve missed over the last year. Tomorrow will be an interview with Poppino on what it takes to make a great rodeo horse, where she talks about Goose and Amigo, her two great geldings that have helped her climb to the #1 spot in the NFR standings.

Thursday, I’ll post The Barrel Racing Blog’s interview with 17-year-old Billie Ann Sexton, who has qualified for the IFR and can’t wait to turn 18 to hit the road to stake her claim in the PRCA standings. Friday, I’ll feature Lisa Barone and her, in an interview where Lisa discusses her muses for her amazing leather crafting.

So, take another look around at what we’ve got to offer and enjoy the best of The Barrel Racing Blog.


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