Poppino Wins Round in Houston

The Barrel Racing Blog’s friend Tana Poppino won her round at Rodeo Houston last night, bringing in $2,000 and her first ever paycheck in Houston.

This time, Poppino counted on her grey gelding Goose, as her old horse, Amigo, struggled with Houston year after year.

“Amigo fell here the first run the very first rodeo performance in Reliant Center, and he never forgot,” Poppino wrote in a blog update.  “He must have hurt himself more than I knew, but he would never turn the first barrel here. Praise God for Amigo and now Goose. Goose loves this arena, and he can handle the challenging ground conditions.”

Poppino ran a 15.05, not the fastest time of the rodeo but enough to edge Sue Berg and Jackie Jatzlau for the number one spot in the first round of her series. The fastest time clocked so far was a 14.62 thrown down by World Champion Brittany Pozzi, and Reserve World Champion Lindsey Sears also hit into the 14s twice in three rounds.

Poppino will have two more runs in her series, and if she qualifies in the top four in her series after all three runs, she’ll advance to the semifinal round against 19 other cowgirls. From there, she could either qualify for the finals or the wildcard spot. The event ends March 20 and will pay out over $173,000 in just the barrel racing alone, making it the biggest regular season rodeo in the sport.

Mary Burger won the event last year and brought in a total of $58,000. So far, Brittany Pozzi, Lindsay Sears, Jill Moody, Sammi Bessert, Sherri Cervi, Stephanie Fryar, Mattie Jackson and Sabra O’Quinn have secured a spot in the semifinal round.


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