Weekend Review: Buckhorn Ranch, West Sunbury, Penn.

“Go Jonesy Go” was the theme of Saturday’s show at Buckhorn Ranch, because despite top competition and very consistent and fast times, Mike Hulsinger and Jones On Fire ran not one, not two, but THREE 14.8s to win the Adult, Masters and Open 1Ds. Hulsinger’s consistency and three nearly identical patterns brought him home the bulk of the money at a show where lots of great horses made great runs.

After a week of sunshine in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the downpours started early Saturday morning just in time for the IBRA/Penn-Ohio sanctioned barrel race at Buckhorn Ranch. With at times torrential downpours and a muddy parking lot, everyone was happy that the show moved quickly, that the alleyway and waiting area was covered and that the lobby was heated.

What: Penn-Ohio and IBRA sanctioned $200 added Open 4D (See show bill)

Who: Members and non-members of both organizations. Both great pole and barrel horses, trainers and amateurs.

Added Money: $200 in the Open, everything else Penn-Ohio payback.

The Ground: There were very few complaints about the conditions. Nobody seemed to take a major fall and the ground was relatively fast with the top horses dipping into the 14s and 15.0s. It was not too deep, but at times some larger clumps developed throughout.

Overall: It was a really nice little show. There ended up being around 70 horses in the Open, and the horses there were really clocking. For many, it was hard to tell it was their first show all winter. The ground stayed super consistent, thanks to Dave Simmons on the tractor, and the covered alleyway let horses stay in out of the rain. It is a harder pen to keep barrels up in if you have trouble knocking, though, with the barrels close to the walls and the third barrel close to the bucking chutes (which seemed to scare some horses).


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