A Well Spent $15

So, after the second show in the mud and muck this winter and dozens of trips to the roping pen left the back tack of my trailer filled with some of the nastiest splint boots I’ve seen in years, I decided to do something about it. With the sun shining yesterday, I did some spring cleaning and went to war with my splint boots.

After about an hour, I decided my boots – Classic Equine’s pink, blue, black and zebra print boots and nearly every design of Classic’s bell boots – had won this battle. No matter how I tried, those boots weren’t going to stay neatly in the old gym bags and plastic bins at the bottom of my trailer. And what was worse, when I would swing my saddle rack out, the boots would cling onto my stirrups and fly back out of the trailer down my ramp.

SO – I came home with a new determination – I would beat those splint boots at their own game. I new Classic made a splint boot organizer for on the door of my trailer, but in the past it had been around $30. A little too pricey for organization for me, but I looked on NRSWorld.com, and found that those organizers are now on sale! For just $14.99, I bought back my sanity! And I went with the pink paisley pattern, despite objections from the team roper in the family that has to share my tack compartment with me : )

Does anyone else have some spring horse trailer organizing tips? How are you all getting your rigs ready for the spring/summer hauling season?


4 thoughts on “A Well Spent $15

  1. OH MY! That is so cute! We always have such an issue with polo wraps and how to keep them nice and neat in the trailer. We did buy a bag that you would normally take the beach that has little comparments on the outside. Much bigger than the normal grooming bag. So we use that for polos, tape and grooming supplies. We can just go from horse to horse with it. However when we take our polos off, they seem to get thrown all over the trailer. I think that would be more my fault!


  2. I know, it’s always putting them back that causes me all of the grief! I don’t think this will make it any easier for me to touch them when they are muddy and covered in cow poop, but I’m thinking maybe I can keep some old work gloves in this thing to take off boots with.

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