Weekend Review: Grizzle Ridge Arena IBRA, Jerusalem, Ohio

With a rodeo at Simmons Equestrian Center in Negley, Ohio, and another barrel race at the WB Ranch in Swanton, Ohio, barrel racers from the Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia region still poured into Southeast Ohio for the IBRA at Grizzle Ridge Arena in Jerusalem, Ohio, Saturday, March 20. In a show marked by good ground conditions, sunny weather and a slower pace, 14-year-old Abby Yarkosky took home the big money of the day, winning the Open 4D with a 15.4, the fastest time run of the day.

What: IBRA barrel race at Grizzle Ridge Arena

Who: Barrel racers from across Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virgina

Added Money: $350 added Open 4D, $100 added Youth 3D, $50 added Poles and Masters

The Ground: Not too deep and not too light. Very few slips and falls, and very few complaints about the ground.

Overall: The show brought in some top talent from around the region and allowed many to showcase the work they’ve done over the cold winter months or the new horses that they’ve recently acquired. The arena has a holding area to riders do not have to wait out on the rocks for their turn to run. A challenge presented by the set up is that the entrance comes from the left, which can be difficult for young horses that run to the right. Some horses spooked at the shadow coming through the wall next to the third barrel, caused by the arena’s fan, but that shadow went away later in the day. The barrels were pretty close to the fence, helping young horses that needed a wall to turn from.

The major complaint many competitors had about the show was the length. It was an average-sized show that could have been over much earlier, had some things moved more quickly. It took some competitors very long to get into the arena, and the drags were very, very slow. The show committee allowed anyone to ride in the entire arena in between each drag, preventing the tractor driver from making quick work of the pen. It also seemed to many as if there was little sense of urgency, with long breaks in between setting up barrels, possibly a result of a lack of arena help.

For pictures from the show, go to ForeverWorks Web site by clicking here. They have photos from exhibition barrels, poles and every class.


One thought on “Weekend Review: Grizzle Ridge Arena IBRA, Jerusalem, Ohio

  1. I absolutely love Grizzle. It’s a nice sized pen, the footing is always great, and the owners are some of the nicest people I have ever met, I have been going there for years now and it is by far my favorite place to run!!!!

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