Guaranteed Payouts V Added Money – Sheridan Cummings of Elite

With barrel racers across the country gearing up for some of the biggest super shows this industry has ever seen in the coming weeks and months, the BRB asked super-show-producer-extraordinaire Sheridan Cummings to help us clear the air and explain the differences between guaranteed payouts and added money shows. Below, she discusses how Elite Barrel Racing Production’s Classic Equine Big Cash Getaway will distribute money with their guaranteed payout system, compared to other events with added money.

Before a single entry was taken for Elite Barrel Racing’s Classic Equine Big Cash Getaway, to be held May 14-16 in Waco, Texas, the event already ranked among the country’s richest barrel races thanks to a GUARANTEED payout. The Classic Equine Big Cash Getaway is guaranteeing $75,000 in cold, hard cash in the 6D Main Race regardless of entries!

According to Barrel Horse News,  the richest open barrel race that was held in 2009 used a guaranteed payout.  That race paid out more than the Better Barrel Race’s 2,411-entry, $50,000-added Finals, National Barrel Horse Association Open and Youth World Finals, the $29,200-added Barrel Racers National 4D Finals and the $40,000-added Mega, just to name a few.

Of the top 25 events in the country, five were guaranteed payouts. The 25th-ranked event paid $75,929 in cash with 1,981 entries and $9,100 in added money.

The GUARANTEED cash alone would place the Classic Equine Big Cash Getaway among the leading open races of 2009!

The Main Race is limited to 1,200 entries, but the $75,000 will be awarded whether we reach 1,200 or not!

Additionally, the Corral Boots Cans-Of-Cash 5D Warm-Up Race will have a GUARANTEED purse of $12,000. The Warm-Up Race is capped at 400 entries, but it will still pay $12,000 if entries are below the limit.

All totaled, the Classic Equine Big Cash Getaway and Corral Boots Warm-Up Race will pay $87,000 in CASH because it’s GUARANTEED! However, that total is sure to rise with entries to the section and age incentives.

With added-money races, it takes entries to generate big purses, and the lower the entry fee, the more added money and more entries it takes. Added races CAN’T guarantee a payoff, but they can ESTIMATE based on “expected” entries. You can never truly determine an added-money payoff until entries are closed.

At GUARANTEED races, you can be assured of the purse before you ever pay your entry fees. And, at Elite Barrel Racing, with its age and section incentives, the purse will rise above the guaranteed payoff as entries are taken.

Now it’s easy to play a numbers game and assume that Elite’s taking in a big profit, but you can’t forget the prizes! Elite’s quality prizes, at cost, are more than many events’ prizes at retail! Hy-O-Silver buckles, Corral Boots, and Martin Crown C Saddles are just some of the fantastic prizes.

Quality, class and professionalism – join us for the Classic Equine Big Cash Getaway.

Elite Barrel Racing—Where Dreams Are Born and Champions Are Made.


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