Weekend Review: SEBRA – Henderson’s Arena, Jackson, Ohio

When the rodeo at Henderson’s Arena went from an open rodeo to a SEBRA bulls and barrels last October, barrel racers from across the state got wind of a sanctioned event in a great indoor with barrel-race-style ground. Friday and Saturday night, girls got to stretch out their horses that are often stuck running on smaller tracks or in rougher ground for the 15-16 second pen at Henderson’s Arena.

What: SEBRA Bulls and Barrels, Friday and Saturday (paid each day)

Who: Many SEBRA tour barrel racers mixed in with some locals. The event was supposed to have been limited to 15 barrel racers, but they allowed a few more.

Added Money: No added money, payback of $60 entry fee

The Ground: The ring crew kept the ground dug up well for the barrel racers, dragging in the middle of the draw. It seemed to hold well, as Henderson’s Arena’s ground is usually deep and well-maintained. It was not nearly as deep as it would be for a barrel race in the same arena, but for rodeo ground in this area, it was tops.

Overall: This was a really strong group of girls that knew how to run the pen. The timer was less than a panel length from the alleyway, so horses had to come out of the chute running. The first barrel sat just two panel lengths up the pen BUT a full three-four panel lengths away from the chute, meaning a hard, long, direct right to the barrel. Most of the rodeo horses figured it out, though. The biggest challenge many horses seemed to face, though, was the football-field run to the second. A lot of second barrels went down as horses were shutting down running across the huge pen. The barrels seemed to be set even closer to the fence than they would have been at a Henderson’s NBHA show. The third barrel was not nearly as far of a run as the second, although it was also set right up against the fence, meaning some third barrels went down, too.

Results: Coming your way as soon as I can get my hands on them! The acoustics were terrible in the warm-up pen and I could not hear who was doing what! I know Friday that a 15.3 won it, with a 15.6 in second and a 16.0 getting the third hole. The times were pretty spread out, though, given the complexity of the pen.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Review: SEBRA – Henderson’s Arena, Jackson, Ohio

  1. I will have to agree the PA system was NOT good! However the fees were $50 and they added a non-member charge of $10. Then $13 of it went to SEBRA and another $5 timer charge to the producer. So over all $32 went to the pot. It didnt pay out very well considering the amount of girls but then again with no added money you cant expect much.
    Overall it was a great rodeo. From what I can tell the SEBRA contractors around our area are doing a great job!!

  2. Oh, and I want to congratulate Casey Jaqua on winning first both nights!!! Her lil mare Miata came in on Friday night and outran us all by three tenths!!! Smoking run woman!!!
    Teresa Quay on won 2nd both nights and Sabrina Frye was 3rd both nights!! Way to be consistent ladies!!! Cudos to Chane and Tiara!!!

  3. Friday night Casey Jacqua won with a 15.3 on Miata, second went to Teresa Quay on Chance with a 15.6 and Sabrina Frye was third with a 16.0 on Tiara. Saturday night came time for the rematch and we again ended up one two three with times of 15.50, 15.54, and 15.9. Great job Diamond J, SEBRA and all the ladies that came out to make a run for some rodeo cash!

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