New Supplement: Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care

This week, I received my order of Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care from Oxy-Rob, err, Robin Cummings, of Urbana, Texas. I just bought a mare that gets a little bit nervous getting in the gate, has gas often and is a picky eater with her hay – all signs that she has ulcers.

I called Robin and asked him if he knew of any products that might work to help keep this nervous, appendix-bred mare a bit happier. He told me about Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care, and how its ingredients coat the horse’s stomach to prevent the irritation caused by stomach acid. The way the product works, though, will best be described in Robin’s own words, so coming soon we’ll have an interview with Robin as he talks about Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care and other supplements he’s got!

So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be trying this product that Robin has so graciously given me, putting a scoop of it on my mare’s food every day. I’ll also be featuring interviews with Robin as he explains how Oxy-Gen can help your horse. The GI Care is not the only product he’s got available, so the BRB will be asking Robin to talk a little more about what else he’s got in store for us!


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