Poppino Wins Guymon, Okla. PRCA

Tana Poppino, currently in the top 10 in the WPRA standings, took home another big check this weekend when she won the Guymon, Okla., Guymon Pioneer Days PRCA Rodeo. With a second in the first round and a third in the second round, Poppino bested other pros like Jill Moody and Sherry Cervi to take home some $7,000 over the weekend.

We’ll have an interview with Poppino later this week so she can have the chance to tell you which horse she ran, how the ground was and how her year has been going since her big win in Fort Worth.

But, if you can’t wait to hear from her, register for the webinar she’ll be giving tomorrow night with Agri-Best Feeds. Big on horse nutrition, Poppino has said before that keeping her mounts healthy while on the road is a 24/7 job, so she’s taking time out to talk to horse owners about keeping their own horses healthy with good nutrition.


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