Update: Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care

I’m on week three of my trial run with Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care, and I feel comfortable enough with the product to let you all know what I think of it so far.

Some background: A little over a month ago, I bought a 12-year-old appendix-bred Quarter Horse mare from a great friend of mine. The mare, with all of her thoroughbred background (Rocket Wrangler, Casady Casanova, and the list goes on…) and her history of getting a little hot at the gate, I had an idea that she might have ulcers. Not an original diagnosis, I’m sure. Her previous owner luckily was able to have her out on grass most of the time, which likely solved much of the problem. (She wassuper well taken care of, and because of the grass, my friend likely didn’t have many problems with her.) Being a poor college student, though, I can only take what I can get when it comes to board, and I only have a stall with little-to-no turn out. The first week I worked her, she would work up instead of work down, and she would get a bit pushy and hot at strange times in our workout. After a tough ride, she would act a big ouchy and paw. She also is a picky eater, and she would barely touch her hay.

So, after a little over a week, I called my friend, Oxy-Rob, Robin Cummings, and told him a little about my horse and her history. He suggested Oxy-Gen’s Xtreme GI Care, so I’m giving it a try.

So far: Today, it really sunk in with me that this product is working. Originally, the mare threw some fits when I would ask her to do something as simple as cross a creek. She might have just been trying me, but I could tell afterwards that her stomach was really hurting her. But lately, she hasn’t been giving me trouble with things that she used to. Crossing a creek is business as usual, and so is waiting until I open and close a gate from her back. She works more consistently each day and throughout each workout, and she long-jogs now instead of pulling on the reins to break into a lope. This could be chalked up to her and I just getting used to each other, but the way she feels after a workout gives me a point of hope. She doesn’t seem to be in pain after a hard ride, and she cleans up her hay and grain.

Other adjustments: I’ve made some other adjustments to keep her healthy, too. I’m doing what I can to let her eat grass every day, even if it is just for 20 minutes on a lead rope in the hay field. I first switched her to Omolene 200, which is made with a soy-based molasses, which has less sugar than traditional sweet feed. I’m in the process of trying to get her to eat Safe Choice, which has gotten easier as she’s gotten less picky with the Oxy-Gen.

Arena performance: After a week on the product, I used the mare at a rodeo, and she went in the pen with no problem whatsoever. This was my first run on the horse, and I had heard mixed reports as to how she went in the pen. I can say, though, that I had no problems. A week later, I went to a barrel race in the same arena and took the mare into the pen twice, having no problems each time. She was anxious and nervous warming up, but again I did not have gate issues. She did get more nervous as the evening wore on, but again, she handled it and went in the pen when asked.

I will continue to update this product review and will begin using the Oxy-Gen JailBreak product as well once I begin competing more heavily after the big move. Check back for more information, and contact Oxy-Rob if you’d like to hear more about Oxy-Gen products.


5 thoughts on “Update: Oxy-Gen Xtreme GI Care

  1. Tried some JailBreak on Jewel on her second run at Waco this past weekend..she was about..she increase her time by about 8 10ths!!! She was #21 (missed that pair of boots by one!!) in the 6d…i know, very very slow but long runs are hard for her, i pick and choose my runs with her, but even though not a blazin run, she was faster and I know it was the Oxy-gen JailBreak!!

  2. Glad to hear you had success with these products, too! I can’t wait to start using the JailBreak. I think I might head to a small jackpot this weekend and give it a try.

  3. I have tried Oxy-Gen’s Extreme GI care product as well as more recently the Oxy-Max (and previously the Ulcer Stop before Sharon and Mike stopped selling for Oxy-Gen) and I have to say, I have not had the luck that others have had. I still have GI issues, colics, gate issues and performance issues with my barrel horse. I do however know of friends who have thier horse on the Extreme GI care and have had luck with it. My horse will not eat any of the OxyGen products with out mixing her grain with applesauce either. Unfortunatley, while it may be a great product for some horses, it is not for my mare.

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