Amber Warren Wins Fast Times Title

The Fast Times Cowboys Association has been putting on events for years at the Buckhorn Ranch in West Sunbury, Pa., combining barrel racing and steer wrestling and giving out top-notch year end awards. For Pennsylvania and Ohio barrel racers and steer wrestlers, the Fast Times series is the place to go in the winter. This year, Amber Warren of Newbury, Ohio, took home the 1D barrel racing championship that finished up this past Sunday.

What horse did you ride to win the series?

I rode my boyfriend’s horse, Cliff. He’s an own son of War Bar Meyers. He’ll be 14 this year but you sure can’t tell! Cliff got a bad

Amber Warren and Cliff at Circle G

allergic reaction to something a few weeks ago, so I finished out the last 2 races on Ernie. He’s only been running maybe 8 months now. He’s 5 this year and out of Royal Smash. He is so cool.

How long have you had this horse and who started him?

Cliff isn’t mine, I kinda stole him from Johnny. Haha. I started running Cliff in August 2009. Johnny is the one who started him and finished him.
What was it about the pen at Buckhorn that you and your horse liked?

Cliff loves his job. He tries his butt off anywhere we go. The footing was always good for the Fast Time series. So that is a plus.

What else has this horse won?

John won quite a bit on him before me. He was reserve in the 1D in IBRA in 2008. So far, Cliff has been really good to me. I feel very lucky to be able to ride him.

What equipment do you use on this horse? (Saddle, pad, boots, bit…)
I have to laugh at this because Cliff is the most low maintenance horse I know. He hates splint boots. He runs in a Bobby Stivers hack. Less is more with him.


11 thoughts on “Amber Warren Wins Fast Times Title

      • Way to go Amber!I remember going to this winter series years ago .It is a nice group of people ,doesn’t run late and cash and prices were always good! You are doing very well on Cliff!

  1. I just bought a mare out of Royal Smash for my 6 yr daughter to learn on. I got her off a dealer and do not know any thing about her history or her sire. Its funny I have found out in a week she likes the same hackamore and less seems to be best with her personality. She knows the pattern well but seems to have troted it a lot, thats what we wanted. She hasn’t canterd very much but is learning very quick. She has a 2T branded on her hip, do have any sujuestions on where I can find info about Royal Smash?

      • You are correct that Connie owns him. He was given to me and I gave him to Connie. He is not retired, he is still breeding and producing babies. I try and help in promoting Smash and is still very special to me!

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