Scamper Hill: At 22, She’s Been There and Done That

The 22-year-old Aledo, Texas barrel racer has spent her life making her mark in horses. She’s won big at super shows and rodeos, and she’s garnered sponsorships from The Barrel Racing Blog’s favorite clothing line, Cowboy Militia. At the same time, though, she’s managed to fit in a college education and a lot of training. Not just a jockey, Hill knows how to rope, ride and train a colt. Hill answered some questions for TBRB readers, and over the next few days we’ll get to know her a little better.

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How did you get into horses?

I always loved horses for as long as I can remember and I’ve always had a passion for them. My brother rode bulls and team roped so I was always around the rodeo scene. I rode his horses and got my own first horse when I was 7, I probably rode that poor horse 8 hours a day, the only time I got off of him was to eat and use the restroom! and the rest is history!

Who taught you to ride?

Honestly, no one ever “taught” me how to ride, I spent hours and hours just riding by myself and just learned my own ways. I guess it either comes natural or some people have to work harder at it, for me it was just totally natural and I loved every second of being on top of a horse. I would spend hours riding bareback and I think that is one of the most important things someone can do when they are learning to ride, it just takes your balance to a completely different level.

How long have you been barrel racing?

I started running barrels when I was 12, my first “barrel horse” was a soured mare who would run up the fence on the first barrel! She was terrible! But now that I look back at it, it made me appreciate a good horse so much and taught me patience and desire.

Tell us about your first great horse.

My first awesome horse was a big gorgeous bay gelding named Tru Encounter. He was just awesome, made the same pattern every time, never hit barrels, and could go in there and shut off the clock. Paris Jean is now riding him and doing awesome on him, he’s now 18 and still winning with her!

What have been your greatest accomplishments?

In high school I did every event I could and learned from all of them, I worked extremely hard and ended up Reserve Champion Barrel Racer and Reserve All Around Cowgirl, I’m proud of those because I worked so hard for them even though that was 06. I’m really proud of winning the 2010 Rise Above 1D World Championship, Pac West Champion Jockey Slot Race and Reserve Champion, Lone Star Arena 1D Derby Champion, CM Productions 1D Champion, and several others. I love when my horses go back and forth winning stuff because it makes me feel like I’m doing something right.


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