Scamper Hill: From Her Horses to Her Boots

What are your favorite supplements?

Lubrisyn, Fastrack

What veterinary treatments to you rely on most heavily to keep your horses healthy?

Really none, if one needs to be injected, I inject them if they are working hard and need it. Other than that, if you take care of your horses and provide the correct exercise and feed for them, you shouldn’t have many problems.

What kind of saddle do you use?

I ride a Triple Creek, they aren’t very big yet, but they are fantastic saddles. (The same saddle Penn-Ohio Youth 1D Winner Mia Shaffer received at this year’s Penn-Ohio Banquet!)

What are your goals for this year and beyond?

I would like to get my 4-year-old running with the rest of my horses by the end of the year, the way he is coming on now that should be no problem. And I would just like to continue to run at the top of these big races and maybe even win a few. In the next three to five years, I plan on taking a shot at the NFR, I am still in college and my horses are still young and not quite ready, so I’ve still got some time.

Talk a little about your personal clothing style.

I really like Miss Me jeans (they are the only ones that fit me good) and I like to wear those, my Luchesse boots, and a cute shirt (usually Cowboy Milita!)

How does Cowboy Militia fit into your personal western style?

Their shirts are western with a little glitz to them with rhinestones and awesome designs that really stand out. You can go ride horses in one thing, and go out to dinner in something else. This fits right in with my style and I’ve done this same thing plenty of times!

Thanks to Hill’s sponsors, Cowboy Militia, The Barrel Racing Blog will be launching our first EVER giveaway contest tomorrow! Check back as we hear from Cowboy Militia Representative Kristen Oakley tomorrow about the brand and the contest!


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