Cowboy Militia: A Barrel Racer’s Best Friend (Clothing-Wise!)

Ok everyone, here’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Cowboy Militia, the clothing line that mixes western attitude with fashion, has agreed to giveaway a FREE Cowboy Militia shirt to the first THREE people that add 25 or more friends to The Barrel Racing Blog’s Facebook! That’s right, you “invite” 20 or more friends to “Like” The Barrel Racing Blog on Facebook, and make sure they comment on the Wall saying “So-and-so sent me!” and you get a free shirt! Hurry! Contest starts RIGHT NOW!

In the meantime, get to know a little bit more about Cowboy Militia, sponsors of The Barrel Racing Blog’s good friend Scamper Hill! Also, head over to and check out all of their great new clothes!!!

How did your company begin? (What year, who founded it, etc.)

Cowboy Militia was founded in 2004 by Jason Trosper.

Why did you want to start this clothing line?

We noticed the influence of surf and skate brands coming into the western world.  We wanted to create a western brand that offered fashion forward pieces. The youth of the western world started going to the mall, our goal is to bring them back.

What is the inspiration for the clothing line?

We want to be a positive impression to our customers. We want to provide unique designs that our customers wear with pride. Cowboy Militia is a movement, it is about always doing the best you can do, no matter what life throws at you! You always give it everything you have.

How do these clothes connect to the western lifestyle?

While our styles are bold, we want to preserve our heritage, and tradition of the west! Western style is becoming influenced by main stream brands, we wanted to create a line that was a fresh look and feel for the youth of the western world.

Who are you trying to reach with the Cowboy Militia brand?

We want to reach the youth through Texas music, rodeo associations and social media sites. Our customer is the person that is looking for a fresh western brand. Extreme sports has created a cross over for brands.

How do you choose members of the Militia?
When people join the Militia, we send them special offers for product. If someone like our product, we want to stay in touch with them and let them know about upcoming events or new product releases.

How do you keep prices down?

We simply keep costs down by limiting our overhead. We build to order our product!

What are your company’s long-term goals?

We want to continue to grow with our consumers. We hope to offer a brand for life with those who choose to express their individuality through the clothes they wear!


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