The Changes are Happening Already

So, I’m in Boulder, Colo., at Horse&Rider Magazine, living the dream. My horses, though, are not. I’m flying home to Athens Friday night, picking up the horses and driving back Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I’ve written up a trip itinerary, but who knows how that will go, with all of the other chaos that’s been happening lately.

When I got to Colorado, the barn I had chosen (and based my apartment choice on its proximity to this barn) was NOT what I had hoped for and been promised. The stalls didn’t exist, and the runs were not in good shape. Talk about your heart sinking – every plan I had made for this move was based on my horses having a great place to live there. So, the first four days here, my mother and I scanned Craigslist in the Boulder area looking for a new place for my horses – and me – to live.

We discovered immediately that standards out here are different than back at home in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Stalls are at a premium, as this is the most densely populated horse county in the country. For a decent stall at most places, I’d have to shell out $400-500 a horse, and with entry level salary, that wasn’t going to happen.

Finally, we found a perfect barn, that just happened to be 25 minutes from my office and current apartment, that was clean, safe and affordable. The catch: to be able to afford it, I’m going to have to be doing all of my own feeding, watering, cleaning, etc. SO, that means I had to beg my landlord to let me out of the three-month lease and into a one-month lease, and now I’m on the apartment/house hunt all over again.

Work is absolutely great, though, and if any of you read Horse&Rider, I think you’ll like what you’ll see in our August issue. Also, if you want to follow what’s going on with me in the office, check into our blog!

I’ll write about this more later in the week, but if you’re going to shows/rodeos in Pennsylvania or Ohio, I’m really looking for people to keep up with the Weekend Reviews, Interviews, Videos and anything else barrel racing-related. Just because I’m out of the area doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what’s going on back there, and The Barrel Racing Blog needs your help keeping up to date!


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