Amber Mostoller….MAY 29-30th * “THAT’S RODEO” (via On The Rodeo Road)

So does everyone that reads The Barrel Racing Blog also read On The Rodeo Road? They’re a great place for rodeo news, AND Ohio-native Amber Mostoller checks in with them after each rodeo weekend, so you can follow what she’s doing and read her reviews of each rodeo she hits there.

Amber Mostoller....MAY 29-30th * "THAT'S RODEO" CCRRAAZZYY extra long weekend…where do I start?  (HHMM Thinking…Thinking lol)  OK So this weekend I had a new traveling partner with me (Susan Cragar) and a new horse in the trailer (Odessa Be Nimble aka Cowgirl). I had been quietly looking for a new horse for Susan since February and when my good friend Jodi Stuenhrenberg called and told me she had decided to sell her good mare Cowgirl, I knew that the possibilities of that match up could be … Read More

via On The Rodeo Road


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