TBRB Needs Your Help!

If you’ve been following The Barrel Racing Blog for some time now, you’ll know that I up-and-moved to Colorado. I’m planning to continue doing interviews, stories and more from out here, and I’ll even do the occasional Weekend Review in the event that I actually get to go to a barrel race.

BUT, I’m still going to need help from folks back at home to keep this up-and-running, providing up-to-date Weekend Reviews from local shows. I’ll also need you all to let me know the scoop about what horses are doing what and who’s shutting the clock off, so that this site can stay current back home.

This all means that I’m looking for correspondents. You don’t have to set the world on fire with writing or photography; you just need to be willing to jot down your thoughts on the ground conditions, arena offerings, alleyway, etc. You can send them to me at chelseaetoy@gmail.com, and I’ll edit everything and get it up on the site, with your by-line attached! Doing something like this could be great for a high school or college student, as it was writing for TBRB that ultimately landed me my job!


2 thoughts on “TBRB Needs Your Help!

  1. Chelsea,
    Do you want open show results for the contest or just major shows like NBHA? I could send you some information on the open horse show contest results because right now that is all I am showing. If you want you can email me back on the farm website or under my email akmz24@yahoo.com

  2. More than results, The Barrel Racing Blog has information about what arenas are like, i.e. ground conditions, size, alleyway, show organization, etc. Feel free to submit a Weekend Review that covers these types of things. You can look at the older Weekend Reviews tab at the top of the page to get an idea of what we’re looking for! Thanks for your interest Amanda!

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