Hot Tack Review: Cowboy Couture, Inc.

Over the past two years, Cowboy Couture, Inc. has taken the barrel racing world by storm, producing some of the hottest new designs available on the market. Renee’ Bearss founded the company in 2008 after years of experimenting and making her own tack, and since then it has blossomed into a line of tack that combines bling, class, exotic hides and high-end fashion. Despite that, the headstalls, breastcollars, halters and more remain sturdy and affordable. Over the next three days, get to know Renee’ and her inspirations on The Barrel Racing Blog. Oh, and remember, you can get Cowboy Couture from Bar-N-LLC at many shows in Ohio, Pennsylvania and around the country.

Tell us about your company. When was it founded?

Cowboy Couture is a custom tack company, all of our products are cut and sewn right here in our workshop.  Cowboy Couture was founded in January 2008.

The first set Renee' made for Cowboy Couture.

Who founded it and why?

I have made, modified and sold tack for many years, starting when I was in my late teens.  I used to take apart Tuffy Two-tone tack and hot glue acrylic crystals on it.  I also played with hand braiding tack for a short time.  I guess being a barrel racer and wanting to have the latest, greatest tack on the market… but also having a limited budget drove me to creating my own.

What were your first products like?

I actually have kept a couple of my early pieces, just to remind myself of how far I’ve come.  The pieces are durable and functional but the fit and finish are nowhere near the level the tack I am building today.

How has your company grown and changed?

Cowboy Couture workshop.

Cowboy Couture has grown leaps and bounds in the past 2 1/2 years, I am doing about four times the volume that I was doing in my first year. I don’t think the company has really changed too much, the products have just gotten better. I strive to put out a quality product at a fair price, that is 100% guaranteed. If someone does not LOVE their purchase I will gladly refund them in full.

What is the inspiration for your line?

Renee' and her horse, Bully.

So many things inspire me when making tack… it could be a t-shirt someone is wearing, a saddle blanket, the color of a horse, the color of someones boots… I will wake up in the night from a dream and jot things down sometimes. I believe the ability to create is a God given gift, and I am very thankful for it.

What are your goals for your company?

As far as dreams… I would love to see my tack on horses in publications. If one of my sets gets “published” I would feel as though I had gotten “published”.  I put my heart and soul into each piece that I make and feel as though they are all art.  When I vend at events I feel as though I am an artist and my tack is on display in a gallery.  I hope that Cowboy Couture continues to grow and yet is able to keep that custom one of a kind feel for everyone.

Who are you trying to reach with this product line?

Any horse lover that truly enjoys custom handmade tack.  I want everyone no matter their budget to be able to have nice quality tack.


10 thoughts on “Hot Tack Review: Cowboy Couture, Inc.

  1. I absolutely LOVE Cowboy Couture Tack!! I have 5 sets and a breastcollar. Mrs. Renee’ puts so much thought and effort into each and every piece! You can just tell by the way each piece is different and uniqe, how “uniqe” Renee is. Also, how no one cane even come close to her talent!! =)

  2. i just purchased a beautiful set from Renee and i love it….the quality is awesome and she is great to work with. She should be very proud of what she does. I would buy from her again in a second.

  3. I purchased my NBHA district awards through Cowboy Couture last year and they turned out fantastic! They were all beautiful and very moderately priced. Renee is a pleasure to work with and we are very lucky to have her and Cowboy Couture in Florida with us!

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