Day 3 with Renee’ Bearss and Cowboy Couture

It takes a barrel racer to know a barrel racer, in this crazy sport of ours. Renee’ Bearss’ decades of horse-industry experience have combined to make her one of the top tack designers on the market today. Her custom tack can be seen on barrel racers across the country, and her work is always in high demand. Find out below how you can get a piece of this unique tack.

What background do you have in barrel racing that helps you put out such quality tack?

I have been barrel racing for 30 years, I know what it’s like firsthand to try to find a headstall to fit right or how frustrating it can be to spend good money on a set of tack to have it rust in only months. I try to put all my experiences to work for me in the design and durability of Cowboy Couture Tack.

What have been your greatest accomplishments on horseback? (If you don’t r

ide, that’s fine too, I just didn’t know!)

No one accomplishment sticks out in my mind, I cherish every race that my horse and I compete in. I am living my dream… that to me is my greatest accomplishment.

Who are some notable barrel racers that use your tack line on their horses?

Most recently a very good client and friend Megan Warren-Swint won our NBHA FL State Show, running against Brittany Pozzi. Megan has used our tack since we started making it. At the same show Brittany Pozzi bought a couple pieces from me. I am very blessed and have many friends and clients that do very well that use my tack, there are really too many to name.

How can barrel racers get a hold of your stuff (where do you sell it)?

I mostly sell online on Facebook and my website I also vend at some of the bigger shows here in Florida. I have a limited retailers such as Bar~N~LLC and Jeany’s Purses & Accessories.

Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely, custom orders are about 90% of all we do. We love helping you design the perfect tack for you and your horse.


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