Tana Poppino Wins Greeley Stampede

Tana Poppino took home another $8,000 this weekend winning the Greeley Stampede in Greeley, Colo. Aboard her big bay Amigo, Poppino kept barrels up all three rounds to win the average.

“We finally got by the Greeley gremlin three times in a row. The short round wasn’t very pretty, the ground at the first barrel was really getting the horses today. Since Lindsey (Sears) was at Ponoka, that put Jesse Eagleburger and I at the top going in. Amigo cut the pocket off at the first and I rocked it going in, but we recovered and finished with a 17.55. Jesse and John didn’t fare quite as well and ran a 17.7. Congrats to Savannah Reeves for winning the short round with a 17.39. I guess today was this dog’s day (as Toby Keith sings), we got to win the average!” …from Tana’s On the Road blog.

Stay tuned to The Barrel Racing Blog for more Tana updates!


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