Cheyenne Frontier Days

This weekend I was lucky enough to score some tickets to the Saturday and Sunday performances of the Cheyenne Frontier Days, where I got to see Sherry Cervi and Lindsay Sears battle it out for the average title. Sears came out on top after Cervi’s usually trusty palomino mount blew out the back side of the third barrel (likely because of tough ground conditions).

The 700-foot arena left at least 400 feet behind the third barrel, so horses had no fence, wall, etc. to help them turn. The longgggg alleyway forced the ladies to inch up to the timer to try and get a good run at the first barrel. It blew me away how perfect most of them turned the first. They really knew their horses and hit it at just the right angle, despite the super strange alleyway and straight approach. But, that’s why they’re the pros.

For more on Cheyenne, head over to, where I wrote a story on the event and shot some video interviews with the PRCA Queens that I caught up with.


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