Top 10 Ways Not to Be “STEWPIT” at a Barrel Race

We’ve got our first dispatch from our latest contributor, the one and only Ms. Dawn Krough. She’s agreed to share her barrel racing insights with readers of The Barrel Racing Blog when she sees fit, and below is the first installment of her series of contributions. So sit back, have a beer, and remember, don’t take yourselves to seriously and have a laugh! We barrel racers are all crazy and “stewpit” as Dawn calls it from time to time, so just think of a time when you might have been one of the people she’s talking about!

Top 10 ways NOT TO BE OR TO LOOK STEWPIT at the horseshow!!

10. If you have one roll out over your jeans you are permitted to where a semi snug shirt any additional rolls PLEASE LADIES (and Men) cover that up ! NO ONE wants to see that!

9. If you have a bra size larger than a size A cup PLEASE DO NOT wear a slinky strapped top that is low cut……You will do 2 things – 1. make people talk about you –and not in a good way – 2. Loose time on your run because by the time you turn that 2nd barrel you will be wishing you were a Size A and you will be pulling your shirt up!

8. If you are complaining that you did not get in exhibition because you did not know they were cutting it off at 11:30 and it is Noon – then they let you in but you have to stand in line to get in- DO NOT COMPLAIN it is taking too long………….Please REFRAIN !!

7. If it is 86 degrees outside………….. water your horse………..Standing at the trailer licking his lips may be an indication YOUR HORSE NEEDS WATER.

6. If the arena is a dust bowl and clearly everyone in the pen (during the drag) is just trotting or loping enough to get in there DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT run around 100 MPH like you are running the derby. It serves no purpose!

5. If you enter the arena and your horse only goes BACKWARDS! Yes BACKWARDS chances are he does not want to be there let alone barrel race.

4. Going with #5 If he is going backwards and someone in the warm up pen says “That’s because he is an App” Knowing they are joking DO NOT SAY “ I got $500.00 in my pocket that says that horse can beat you on a straight away” Son, HELLOOOOOOOOO You are at a barrel race – there are 3 turns involved! Plus the horse does need to move in the other direction to even run that race!

3. Please for the love of God DO NOT leave your horse tied to the panels of the arena! Then for the love of God again walk away and think it will be fine!! IT WILL NOT.

2. COMMON SENSE ALERT!!! COMMON SENSE ALERT!!! DO NOT leave your horse tied to the trailer when there is a halter hanging beside him that he can get his leg caught in. (it is summer, the flies are bad you know they do kick at flies) Take the 3 seconds it takes and unsnap the halter from the lead line let it on the ground or away from the horse that is still at the trailer! This will prevent an accident!!!

1. When you are leading your horse after your run or before or whenever UNSNAP your one piece rein so if your horse bust loose from you he does not get caught in the rein and break a leg! THINK ABOUT IT!! COMMON SENSE ———-DON’T BE STEWWWWWWWWWPITTTTTTTTTTTTT Well folks that is it from the peanut gallery for this horse show. I am sure I will observe yet another list of DON’T BE STEWPIT (always said with a hillbilly twang)sightings that I can report to the one and only CT!


One thought on “Top 10 Ways Not to Be “STEWPIT” at a Barrel Race

  1. Never commented here, but loved this post. Thought about #1 today and how important that is, and wanted to add to it. I ride 3 geldings, one made, 2 coming along. All 3 I catch out of a herd of 8 with no rope, no halter. They come out, stand at the trailer, get brushed and tacked with no halter on. They stay. I bridle up and always take the rein down to ground tie. When I do that, I expect that horse to plant those feet, head up and stay put. No exceptions and I don’t care how green the grass is.

    As I was fixing fence today a mile from home, I thought about your post and how nice it is to have my horses trained to ground tie. I know without looking back that my horse is still there waiting, no matter what I’m doing or how long it takes me to do it. Always, always, always take a rein down.

    I ride with my 6 yr old daughter and sometimes go to these small town gymkhanas. I have never failed to win at that “crawl thru the barrel” event, because I can bail off that horse, drop the rein and disappear… and he’s still there when I come out the other side. (My horse always looks at it like “Aren’t we supposed go around it, not in it?”)

    Also, #9/10…. could you get Walmart to post that at the door? good heavens it’s scary there…

    great post, good blog. Keep it up!

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