Weekend Review: IBRA Super Show in Cloverdale, Indiana

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll now be adding submissions from readers to our Weekend Review section. Our latest contributor, Dawn Krough, just submitted this review of the Cloverdale, Indiana IBRA Super Show from last weekend. Enjoy!

What show did you attend? (Who sanctioned, etc.)

Cloverdale Indiana Crossroads Arena IBRA Super Show!

What was the competition like? Big names there?

Good competition – Tough race lots of close times.  Troy Boy was there and of course was a super star as usual!  He was riding a new 5 year old that was super fast! Always a pleasure to watch him ride.  Brad Rohrda (spelling) did not see him in the past but Clea said he was a very talented rider and I must agree.  Brian Harper was there as well.  I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time and watching his horse “Ghost” run. WOW it was very pretty!  Very nice gentlemen.  There were other talented riders that I had never seen before but enjoyed watching.

How was the alleyway?

Wide and safe!

How was the warm-up area?

A ton of room for all riders. The warm up pen was a bigger than the arena!  They kept it dug up and everyone was courtesy of one another!  That was nice

How was the parking?

Solid. It appears to be built on a limestone area.  Lots of solid ground, rocky.

How was the ground?’

Perfect and consistent.  They would drag ever 7 and them big drags in the 60’s.  The ground stayed consistent the entire way through the show. They ran close to 100 Friday – 170 on Sat – 120 on Sun……..Ground never changed.  They seem to use the 4 in 1 drag the way it was designed and there fore yielding great ground results.  Several show producers do not do this………….that is another article!  LOL

How did the show move along?

SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  There was a gentleman at the alleyway making sure that the person the announcer was calling was there for come in and if not he radioed the announce for a gate call.  They ran about 45 head an hour with dragging every 7 and then the big drags.  It was very smooth.

Your overall impression of the arena/conditions/vendors/food/etc.

It was a great place to show and I would make the drive again in a heartbeat….Well alot of heartbeats it was a 5 hours trip……..BUT well worth it.  It is easy off of Interstate 70. Location had some restaurants around for dining ( I am sorry we CAN NOT recommend the Pizza Joint) and our neighbors for the weekend said that there was a bigger town close by as well.

The food at the arena was really good and worth the money – large portions –  The office staff was very well organized and quick on the payouts! (yes thank you I got a check or two)  Signing up was very simple and not alot of confusion with paperwork.

There are 500 stalls and the stalls and arena are all under one roof.  Very Clean………….Electric and water hookups are abundant and easy access to the barns from the parking area.  The only thing I did think they needed more of were water spigots inside but we had a hose to use so if you may want to think about that.

How did you do?

We had 4 horses 12 runs 1 knock 4 checks.  Paid for the weekend entries, all the fuel and $117 left for the next weekend!  Enjoyed the weekend (all but the pizza place LOL)

Well that is all from “On the road with Dawn & Clea” for now!  Next stop Vail Meadows finals for buckle series then on to WB Ranch the following.  Looking forward to going to the Sept Sizzler at Simmons …..Have not been there “for way to long”


5 thoughts on “Weekend Review: IBRA Super Show in Cloverdale, Indiana

  1. We went that weekend also and had a blast! What a SUPERB arena! The whole place is set up correct! Can’t say enough good things about the facility and the people! I even drew a check on my colt! 😉

  2. I was at this show and it rocked! It was my first time being at Cloverdale and I will FOR SURE go back. I thought it was a beautifully run show, they were so quick and the Open was done in less than three hours. I loved every minute of being there! Can’t wait to go back!!


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