Weekend Review: Vail Meadows Maumee Bay Buckle Series

Another Weekend Review courtesy of Dawn!

What show did you attend? (Who sanctioned, etc.)

1D buckle given out at the Vail Meadows summer series

Vail Meadows Ohio Maumee Bay Buckle Series (no sanctions)

What was the competition like? Big names there?

Kelly B and Matt B were at the first one and third one. The Myers Family. There was a little girl at the show her name was Lexi, she rode an Appaloosa and she kicked every ones butt! She will be at WB and will be someone to watch in the future. Then of course Clea and myself (LMBO Just kidding) Actually the series is put together by Stacey Hartman and it is a wonderfully put together series. Very simple and only 4 shows. The first show was a huge show (it was a benefit show) but the last three did not draw as many people.

How was the alleyway?

In the building, good, it is open to outside and goes through an alley way and runs into the outdoor pen. A tad rocky but I have seen worse.

How was the warm-up area?

Outdoor pen was dug up for warm-up and is a large pen.

How was the parking?

Lots of it grass and driveway area.

How was the ground?

Well Chels, you know how I always say “Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed?” ………. It is not your normal ground, but I will tell you I have not seen a horse fall or slip there. It is a lot drier than most but it holds. It is a little dusty but they usually water it a tad a couple times during the show. Some people will like it, some will not. Some horses will like it, some will not. (KC Jane loves it and she is picky.) All in all it is safer than a lot of other pens I have seen. And again my thought on ground is, “If you don’t like it, don’t run.”

How did the show move along?

They ALWAYS start on time and move the show along. When the first show of the series (large show) was going on (my first time there) it was smoothly run, as were all the others (smaller shows) I have been to. I do not know the announcer’s name but she is absolutely a doll. She is very clear and always great to the kids! THANK YOU MS. ANNOUNCER LADY!

Your overall impression of the arena/conditions/vendors/food/etc.

It is a nice clean place. They do therapeutic riding and other shows as well. They put 100 percent into the barrel shows they have, and you could not ask for nicer people. They all work together to make it as nice as it can be for everyone. To the lady at the sign up desk: THANK YOU for always putting up with us being the last to sign up. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Food is homemade and good. Lots of places to ride outside warm up pen.

I would like to send out a big thank you to Stacy Milbrodt-Hartman for taking the time to organize the Buckle Series.  She did a wonderful job and as you all know it can seem like a thankless job when it comes to putting on barrel races, but she should be very proud of the awards, her hard work, how the show was ran and know that we all appreciate it very much!


How did you do?

All the horses do well there.  We won a 1D Buckle for the series and a halter (2nd Place 2D)


One thought on “Weekend Review: Vail Meadows Maumee Bay Buckle Series

  1. Thanks for the review. IT WAS AWESOME! I hope this Editor keeps writing for TBRB. Loved the Cloverdale one as well! Thanks for putting this on the blog!

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