Weekend Review: WB Ranch On the Road with Dawn and Clea

Well it is Friday the 20th, a rushed week (the norm for most). Clea shoes a couple of the horses and we are getting ready for the weekend… We’ve got the truck loaded – feed/hay check – tack check – grill/food check – clothes/boots check – cooler/Coors check…horses…well uncheck.  As we pulling out I say to Clea “Did you hook Shawn?” She looks at me “I didn’t load her, you did!” I look back with a clear look of WTH  “Ummmmmmm no I didn’t, I was in the house when you loaded the horses.” As she looks back at me with the look of REALLY “Ummmmmm I did not load any of them.”  Trailer in reverse ……….Horses loaded – check!!  AND WE ARE OFF!

What show did you attend? (Who sanctioned, etc.)

WB Ranch NBHA 07 Money Maker

What was the competition like? Big names there?

Competition was FIERCE at the least………….. It was one tough weekend.

Shawna Wynlnn – Beth Penland – Mason Penland – Abi Ringer – Matt Boice – Paige Essert – Tausha Schneider – Frank Vandenine – The Myers Family – Cody Rodenhauser – Shayne Stratton – Taylor Henning – too many to list!!!!!!! It was a tough barrel race at WB Ranch! If you missed it you should plan on being there for the next one! However, bring you A Game everyone will need it!

Shawna Winland on Max and Ellen McKee’s big gray horse “Willie” ran the fastest time of the weekend (16.173) to get the show started on Friday!

Then on Saturday Beth Penland came in and smokes a run with Whirling FastCat that was something to scream about.  It was flawless!  Let me tell you, for anyone who has ever seen Beth run she screams from the time her horse starts til it stops… She started at the back forty (as the arena has an alley that is really really long) and she screamed for 3 minutes after when she saw she ran a 16.422! That got her 2nd in the Open on Saturday! Not to bad from a girl from little ol’ Stoneboro PA!  Definitely something to scream about!! Great Job Beth!

Then enter Abi Ringer, again from the back 40! With Beth cheering her on at the 2nd Barrel as the Penland’s always do for everyone. Abi comes in and lays down an unbelievable run 16.408!  Which won the class on Saturday! Way to ride Abi!

Sunday was another radical day of competition. As we all say it is not over until the last horse runs………especially in a 4D that last horse can change it all! I was draw 2 in the Open on Sunday. I ran a 16.581 ……….KC Jane ran her heart out she was working like a woman that needed the money!  So Clea and I are sitting watching to see who is running to see if I will remain in 1st or………………..

As we watch here comes Abi Ringer in on Gunner to run a 16.467 and bump me to 2nd…no biggy, then Shawna Winland on Willie bumps us both down a notch then Natalie Davidison comes in on ol’ Jeter Bug and after running 16.8’s all weekend (as her and I were discussing in the warm up pen) she pulls out a 16.502 YEP another notch down! THEN ENTER Tausha Schineder with her great horse Ted! They were having some issues Fri and Sat but pulled it together on Sunday for a heck of a run 16.384 it was beautiful. OK Now I am sitting 5th OK I will take fifth out of 140 head OH BUT WAIT Abi Ringer rolls in AGAIN on Oodie!  Oh that girl was whippin and a kickin 3 mins before she went up the shoot and did enough of that to run a 16.385. So I’m thinking ok another check for the weekend not in the warm up but the open I am cool with that…………………yeah well how about Paige Essert she rolled in there somewhere when we were not looking with a 16.557 of course just enough to drop this ol’ girl out of the money!  So again lucky number 7!! Oh but what a great weekend and what a pleasure to see all those great riders and horses!  GOTTA LOVE BARREL RACING!

Then Team Penland (Beth and Mason) showed us all how it was done as a team! Abi Ringer’s name was called in every class at least once and most of the time twice – that girl had some smokin runs – Frank VanDenEnyde had 2 smoking runs in the open on Hilda…….That man can ride. I love seeing that team rock and roll through the barrels! Frank ended up a couple out of the money in the 1D on Saturday and ended up winning the 2D on Sunday. Way to go Frank and Hilda!

Lexie Shipman the little girl on the Appaloosa I mentioned in the Vail Meadows writing was 3rd in the 2D! Way to go Lexie  Again I am sure everyone will be seeing this little girl in the winners circle in the future.

In one word for the Youth and Open Classes: EXTRAORDINARY

Seniors were rockin’ and rollin’ as well!

Ellen McKee kicked some booty on her black horse “Horse” by winning the Seniors on Saturday with a 17.225  WAY TO GO ELLEN!

Max was right in on there on Sunday in 2nd place.  Tom Snyder took 1st on Sunday and was just out of it on Saturday.  Don Holden hit the dust once in the warm up class when his good mare Mia thought he needed to speed up – Don disagreed and stayed at the barrel BUT he came back to win the 2D both days in the seniors!  Way to ride Don!  Frank VanDenEnyde place with Hilda as well in the 2D!

How was the alleyway?

Awesome!  It is a very long shoot that runs to the warm up pen and it is one of the best alleyways I have ever ran down!

How was the warm-up area?

There is an indoor attached to the arena and then Outdoor pen as well.  Lots of grass riding too!

How was the parking?

Lots of it grass and driveway area.

How was the ground?

It is a sandy pen and always great. I have never been to that pen that the ground was bad.  It can get deep at times but the footing is safe.

How did the show move along?

Petty good.  They had a HUGE turn out.  They had 30 plus pee wees on Saturday for poles and for barrels.  Stacy Milbrodt-Hartman did a great job of organizing the show and making sure all was taken care of.  She had one of my favorite announcers there Nancy Lajiti (the lady from Vail Meadows)

Your overall impression of the arena/conditions/vendors/food/etc.

It is a nice clean place.  The run to the first barrel is exhilarating!  Great place to watch, participate or just come for the camping.  Fishing for the kids and lots of good food.  The NBHA did their own food booth this past show. Good Job on all the good food!

The WB Kitchen is usually up and running.  The food in the WBK is AWESOME and should be dined at when there!

AGAIN we would like to send out a big thank you to Stacy Milbrodt-Hartman for taking the time to organize this show.  She has proven to be a great director!  She did a wonderful job and as you all know it can seem like a thankless job when it comes to putting on barrel races but she should be very proud her hard work, how the show was ran and know that we all appreciate it very much!  HUMMMMMMM Does this sound like a repeat!!!  That is a complement Stacy!


How did you do?

All the horses do well there.  Clea had beautiful runs on Shawnee was just out of the money on a couple and got in on a couple.  Was a little frustrated with her runs on Chili but pulled it all together on Sunday for a beautiful run!  KC well she was givin me all she had for the weekend and yellow too!  He got in as well but that pen is a little big for that boy! He like the little pens!  All in all made a little cash for entries and we were happy with horses and riders!

From “On the road with Clea & Dawn” over and out!  Next stop Wooster perhaps and Country Estates  ……………..who knows, somewhere there are 3 cans to turn!


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