Weekend Review: Buckhorn Arena Barrel Race

So, we’re off and rolling with a new contributor! Beth Penland of Stoneboro, Penn., will be sharing her takes on arenas for some additional Weekend Reviews. We’re thrilled to have both Beth and Dawn on our team, and we look forward to what more they’ve got to share!

What show did you attend? (Who sanctioned, etc.)

Buckhorn Arena located in West Sunbury, PA. Sanctioned by IBRA and Penn-Ohio Barrel Racing Association Aug. 28-29.

What was the competition like? Big names there?

There is always tough competition in this area. On any given day there are always 10 or more horses that can get the job done and done well in this area!

Tausha Schneider had two phenomenal runs on Saturday. She ran the only sub-fifteen second run of the day. She took first place in the Open Class with her horse Ted, running a 14.8, and 2nd with her other horse, Tuff, who ran a 15.1.  After cleaning house, Tausha headed to a different show on Sunday.

My hat goes off to Macie Davidson. This talented youth rider was SMOKING, all weekend long, on her POA pony and had the fastest time of the weekend winning the Open Class on Sunday with a 14.7! She also won the Youth Class both days and placed third in the Open on Saturday!

How was the warm up pen?

Big, outdoor arena with lots of room. No problem warming up this weekend. The weather was sunny and gorgeous.

How was the alleyway?

Long alleyway with the other competitors, waiting to make their run, hanging out on the left and right sides.

How was the parking?

They opened up one of the pastures for this show. Parking did not seem to be a problem.

How was the ground?

The ground we ran on was sticky for the Open 4D’s. Had some clumps but most horses handled it okay. Saturday’s ground was drier than Sunday’s ground.

How did the show move along?

The show moved along well on Saturday. Had a later start on Sunday.

Your overall impression of the arena/conditions/vendors/food/etc.

Friendly folks and good brownies! For the most part, we cook at our trailer so I don’t sample a lot of food at the different arenas. But I do enjoy their soups during their winter shows!

How did you do?

Well, thank goodness my son, Mason pulled through for Team Penland! He got 2nd in the Youth with his horse, Sara on Saturday, and placed 4th in the Open Class and 3rd in the Youth Class with his horse Jory on Sunday. I ran in the rodeo there outdoors on Friday night and placed 5th with an okay run. After that, it was all about me cheering on Mason because I certainly wasn’t getting the job done this weekend!


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