Backlogged Weekend Review from On the Road with Dawn and Clea!

Well another weekend is among us……It is the 28th of August (my mom’s birthday 72 years young) and we are off to The Hollow in Wooster Ohio!  Then on Sunday we are headed to Walsh Stables  Country Estates on Grill Road in Doylestown Ohio.

Going this weekend was not about the normal questions of -competition- ground – alley- or who did what it is about who was there in general.

“The Hollow” on Overton Road in Wooster Ohio has and we will assume will always be about that.  It is a wonderful place to sit under the trees and watch as people enjoy their day and watch young and old alike run around the drums.

This weekend Clea recognized a few faces that she had not seen in awhile and I got to meet a few that I will enjoy seeing in the future.  The senior class proves to be always interesting.  The Good Ol’ boys like Tommy Tuerns, Daryl Karnes, Ron , and Neil Karnes.

Here is some interesting information on “The Hollow” should you decide to take a weekend drive or want to hear a little gospel on a Sunday Morning.

  • Wayne County Club inc. Bylaws were adopted in 1966. Sources indicate the Club was established in 1939.
  • The purpose of the Club is to promote and advance interest in horses, to organize activities for club members and to maintain real estate owned by the Club known as “The Saddle Club Hollow” near Overton, Ohio,. together with all buildings and personal property thereon.
  • We have contest point shows, pleasure point shows, Fun shows, horse clinics, spring and fall campouts. Not so Extreme Cowboy Races and other events scheduled from time to time.
  • Year end awards are distributed at the Annual banquet in January. Date not yet scheduled.
  • The arena and club grounds are available to other clubs for their events at a rental fee.
  • 4H clubs are free to use our facility, at no charge, for their workouts if they are also Saddle Club Members. Such workouts need to be scheduled ahead of time with the officers and directors.
  • Although not a Saddle Club function, there is a non-denominational Worship service at 11:00 AM every other sunday.
  • Pastor Dave Kinkle officiating. Enjoy a sunday morning church service in the peacful surroundings of the saddle club hollow.
  • “The Hollow” consists of about 53 acres, mostly wooded, for members to trail ride, hike, campout and such. The arena is also available to members use as long as it doesn’t interfere with scheduled events.
  • Members may reserve the club grounds for family picnics, parties and such at no charge. Again, this is scheduled by the officers and directors so as to not interfere with other activities.

August 29th brings us to Doylestown Ohio for a benefit show for “Mr. Don Krebs,” someone who was taken from us way to early.  He was 44 and although we did not know him personally you can certainly tell he was a well liked man.  From his Dad to his children there was alot of respect and support at the show.

The Ringers did a fantastic job of being ring crew and Amy Synder and others manned the entry booth.  They had alot of super nice items for the silent auction and the cake walk showed the support of everyone.

The Pee Wee class was the highlight with horses coming from everywhere with all the kids around going through the pattern.  Their eyes all lit up when they each received a ribbon.

Seeing the turn out is something that warms everyones heart.  Our hearts go out to he Krebs family and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.  Life is very precious – Don’t waste a minute of it.

From “On the road with Clea & Dawn” over and out!   Next planned stop Jackson, Ohio………….. Chelsea’s old stompin grounds!  Hopefully some good interviews ……………..who knows, somewhere there are 3 cans to turn!


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