Weekend Review: On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Henderson’s Arena in Jackson, Ohio

Well this Labor Day weekend took us to Jackson, Ohio — The Henderson Arena!  If you have never been you should plan on it for next year!  It is worth the trip.  We met some great folks.  The Paynes were absolutly a blessing.  Mrs Payne made the best sandwich of the weekend!  We had the pleasure of meeting Ted & Tina on Sunday Night!  Our great friend Pete Scott invited us to the only fire on Sunday night and there we had a feast!  I can not tell you how much food and drink was there but it was abondant!  Thank You everyone!

Our neighbors Mike and Terry Phillips and Dustin and his family as well as Brad Shirey and his girls!  Nice neighbors to have for the weekend as well as funny!

We arrived Friday night and never stopped smiling the entire weekend!  What a great life we have!  Well on with the details of this great show…………

What show did you attend? (Who sanctioned, etc.)


What was the competition like? Big names there?

To many to name then all………….  Troy Boy – Jhonda Cox  – Brad Shirey – Nancy Adkins – Shawna Winland – Hannah Shirey – The Henning Girls – Doc Gruery and his gang!  It was a race to the end.  The last 35 horses had the place jumpin on Saturday night!  It was an exciting evening.  Troy was riding two of the top horses in the county Hoosiers Fame and Gay Bar Casanova and Johnda was seated on her horses like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby!   Shawna Winland was riding Ellen and Max McKee’s gray horse Willie and made a showing in the warm up class with the fastest time of the weekend.  15.4!!!  Way to go Shawna  –

How was the warm up pen?

Attached to the arena and a great place to warm up and get ready to run.

How was the alleyway?

A little tricky with the way the horses run out.  Sometimes they are not sure which way to go as Bert Thompson saw this weekend and a few others but all in all good!

How was the parking?

Lots of it!

How was the ground?

Perfect!  There was not one horse that slipped that I saw or heard about.   It was consistent all weekend.

How did the show move along?

The tractor drivers were Johnny’s on the spot and kept the show moving.  The riders were just as instrumental in keeping the show moving by being up and ready when they were in.  The announcers were great at letting everyone know if they were in the next drag!  Nancy Adkins and Ellen McKee are two of the best announcer in the biz! They had over 900 entries for the weekend and there was not one delay in the show or boggle that was to be had.  Our hats are off to the show committee and all the volunteers.  Ben and Laura Lambert at the District 6 directors and they ARE AWESOME!  They do a great job and they are very quick to put the praise on all the members as well for a well ran show!  Kuddos to all involved!  Clea and I would like to personally thank Jessie Meeks for being her!

Well wait ———I must say there was one ol’ boy who did have a little issue getting in the arena!  That would be Rev Eddie Gibson!  OMG was he a hoot!  Picture this!  Eddie thinks he is up in the drag that is running.  He is in the holding pen and being there everyone knows to climb the fence as Eddie’s horse will clear a pen in a heart beat!  Eddie with wiffle ball bat in hand ( for scare tactics only – he never really hits the horse) is waiting his turn.  With a slight movement his horse is sure that it is his turn.  And it is on………Everyone is scattering and scaling the fences as if there is a raging bull in the holding pen.  The spectators are laughing.  Eddie is yelling and then he realizes  He is not til 2 drags ……out to the warm up arena he goes.  Everyone gets off the fence resumes their places for running and bsing in the holding pen THENNNNNNNN Enter Eddie again.  To those who were paying attention they slowly climbed the fence leaving their fellow barrel racers on the ground just waiting to laugh when they realize Eddieis int he holding pen yet again!  His name is called and He reaches for his right rein and its on!  Let the clearing of the pen begin!  He is on the right side of the holding pen and then the center of the alley and you think Ok he has it thennnnnnn he and his horse go to the left side of the pen where an unknowing Tom Cox is standing.  As quick as lightening Tom eye spies Eddie and runs down the holding pen scurrying to get away from Eddie’s wild child!  Tom jumps on the fence, Eddie steers aware from him the best that he can (actually Eddie has no control at all) Tom climbs back off the fence walks up the holding pen and just that quick Eddie’s horse chases him AGAIN down the fence but this time Tom Jumps over the fence – The entire place is busting a gut over the events that just happened and as everyone looks around Eddie is the only man on the left side of the holding pen.  He wrangles his horse up the alley and away he goes.  The crowd cheers like they were at an Ohio State Game.  Eddie’s graciously throws his hand up to wave at the crowd as he rounds each barrel and waives like a movie star on the run home!  It was truly something to see and I am sure next year there will be alot of “remember whens”

Personally I would like to say congrats to Doc Gruery he had a smokin run in the seniors to win the class and it was a pleasure to watch it!

And then just your overall impression of the arena/conditions/vendors/food/etc.

Well Chels I don’t have to tell you that the food is great.  The ladies in the kitchen are diehards!  They were there until the last person left the arena.  If you don’t bring food don’t worry there is plenty there!

It is a great place to show.  Stalls are big, barns are clean, tye out area is huge, lots of places to ride – there is open fields 2 outdoors pens and a warm up area!

Everyone was cheering everyone else on and waiting til the last horse ran at the end of each class to see where they in the money or if they wanted to kick the person next to them because they were in it until the last horse ran!  Eitherway a great time was had by all!

How did you do?

We did very well………. thank you!  KC Jane (your fav, Chels) was runnin her heart out and the others were as well.  I rode Channing (clea’s mare) for the first time hit a couple barrels but by Sunday had it all together and made a nice run!  Took home a few envelopes and all in all had a GREAT weekend!

From “On the road with Dawn & Clea” over and out!   Next planned stop Simmons Equestrian Center………….. my ol’ home pen to The Sizzler for the weekend excited to see people I have not seen in almost a year!  WOW time flies………..who knows, somewhere there are 3 cans to turn!   Look for our “How not to be Stewpittttt Tips at the end of our next review”


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