Wanted by CINCH Academic and Athletically Skilled Young Riders in All States!

Thursday, October 14, 2010
ATTENTION DENVER, OCT. 2010- WANTED BY CINCH ACADEMIC AND ATHLETICALLY SKILLED YOUNG RIDERS IN ALL STATES! DENVER, CO (FPRC) OCT. 2010 — As Cinch Jeans and Shirts is the new National Sponsor of the NHSRA, they continue to represent their slogan, (Lead, don’t follow, through the creation of Team Cinch, a sponsorship program based on both academics and athletic performance.)

“This is a very exciting time for us and we are happy to welcome Cinch Jeans and Shirts on board”
says Kent L. Sturman, NHSRA Executive Director. “The staff at Cinch has some amazing ideas that will really help guide our Association and its members toward the future. We look forward to a long
 and meaningful relationship to promote rodeo for many years to come.” Proven true, the newest “idea” originated by Cinch in regards to the partnership is Team Cinch.

Team Cinch is a youth sponsorship program that will be comprised of three different teams: The Cinch All-Rodeo Team, The Cinch All-Academic Team, and The Cinch Elite Team. The Cinch All-Rodeo Team will include the top male and female from each event in each state. This student must be in good standing academically and have a positive status among the NHSRA. Each Cinch All-Rodeo Team member will receive one shirt and one pair of jeans for being on the Cinch All-Rodeo team. The jeans and shirts best owed upon all-star achievers will be nothing short of the highest qualityin western fashion apparel according to Keith Mundee, President of Miller International. “Today, our dedication to maintaining that µcutting edge¦ remains strong. We are here to support the next generation of rodeo and to assist to the extent we can in promoting the western rodeo lifestyle. And to do that, we constantly evolve by keeping our
 product fresh, sponsoring important industry events, and utilizing the latest technology to reach as many people as possible.”

The Cinch All-Academic Team will consist of one male and one female from each state that is at the top of their class academically. Each student chosen will be determined by an outside panel and must have a qualifying GPA of 3.5 or higher. Each Cinch All-Academic Team member will also receive one shirt and one pair of jeans as well as a hundred dollar scholarship, which will be put into the NHSRA foundation and can be redeemed if the student attends college. The Cinch Elite Team will be comprised of students who have achieved a place on both The Cinch All-Rodeo Team and The Cinch All-Academic Team. These members will receive two Cinch Elite Team member patches to be placed on their Cinch All-Rodeo Team and All-Academic Team shirts. “This is a fantastic opportunity and a significant milestone for the Cinch brand,” says Keith
 Mundee. “The past fourteen years have been a great ride for us and we can¦t wait to get started working with the NHSRA and its members.”

Jordan Snider
Marketing Manager
(303) 999-1450



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