IPRA World #1 Tiffany McClure Goes On the Record (Day 1)

It’s not often you find a rookie in the World #1 spot in the IPRA, but Tiffany McClure, originally from Cheltenham, Maryland, isn’t your everyday rookie. With a chain of wins that stretches back through an illustrious youth career, McClure is a rookie with a mission. With a consistent horse that can throw down explosive runs against some of the best competition in the nation, McClure has a $1,300 lead ahead of  #2 Laura Kerley and a $1,400 lead ahead of #3 Laura Lee Thomas. Get to know McClure over the next two days in this two-part interview.

McClure on Dinks Rockin Again "Dink" (Provided image)

How did you get started in barrel racing?

My Mom got me into it.

Who taught you to ride?
My Mom

What has been your biggest accomplishment up to this point?
Qualifying for my first IFR this year.
What horses do you credit with building your barrel racing career?
I have had the opportunity to ride a lot of great horses, but the ones I have run the longest and won the most on are: Question El “HB”, Mega Cash “Cash”, and Dinks Rockin Again “Dink”.
What do you do when you’re not rodeoing?
Ride horses at home and spend time with family and friends.
How do you determine what rodeos/shows you’ll go to?
Added money, ground conditions, and distance.

What type of ground do you and your horses like?
As long as it isnt slick it doesnt matter much, but deep is better then hard.

What type of pens do you prefer?
Depends on what horse I am running.
Check out a video of Tiffany on Dink earlier this year:



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