IPRA World #1 Tiffany McClure Goes On the Record (Day 2)

We all know life up and down the rodeo road is tough, so just how does someone leading the running for the IPRA World Championship manage it? Find out how Tiffany McClure’s horse runs, the supplement she relies on, the item she won’t leave for a rodeo without and the people who’ve helped her get this far, and much more! Plus, at the very bottom of the interview you’ll find two runs that helped put Tiffany and Dink on the map.

How is your current horse bred? (Name, age, sex, bloodlines?)
Dink is a 10 year old gelding with Dinkys Red Man bloodlines.
Cash is a 12 year old gelding Dash For Cash bloodlines.

Tell us about your current horse’s style. How does he/she approach a barrel, turn, act in the alleyway, etc?
Dink sits and uses his hind end most of the time when turning a barrel, when the ground is hard he will use his front end. He is great in the alleyway.

What was your most memorable run this year? (Why, where, etc.?).
St. Tite, Quebec. It was the biggest and most exciting rodeo I have been to and I won 2nd in the short go!

What run this year would you like to forget? (Why, where, etc.?)
New Windsor, IL the ground was horrible and my horse fell for the first time with me.

Do you train your own horses?
I have in the past but I didn’t train any of the ones I am running now.

What do you look for in a barrel prospect?
How they are bred and built. I like bigger and wider horses.

What supplements do you rely on?
I feed Actiflex 4000.

What vetting do your horses require?
Just general maintance. I get them injected if they need it, their teeth done, etc.

What is one thing you’d like to change about barrel racing?
I wish the ground was perfect everywhere.. lol

What is your favorite thing about life on the rodeo road?
Being able to make money doing something I enjoy and being able to spend time with friends.

What are your ultimate goals in barrel racing?
Make the NFR.

Who do you haul with?
Normally my boyfriend Chris and my dog Prissy.

What will you never leave home for a rodeo without, other than the obvious horse, saddle, etc.?
My phone.

What is your favorite bit?
Twisted wire ring bit.

What saddle, saddle pad, and splint boots do you use?
Caldwell and ProRider saddles, Cutter Collection pads, and Classic Equine boots.

What are your favorite jeans to run in?
BKE & Big Star

What type of hat do you wear?
Cruel Girl

Who has helped you get to where you are today?
I would like to say a special thank you to Roxanne Dawson and Billy Smith. They have continuously helped me along the way and always put me on great horses! Also the Neal family for all of their support this year. Chris entered me and made sure I got there all year. And of course my Mom for doing everything she could to make sure I was doing what I love!


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