Black (Horse) Friday Shopping List

Last year’s Barrel Racer’s Letter to Santa was such a smashing success, I thought it would be silly not to write another one.

Dear Santa,

This year I’ve been even better than last year! I spent every penny I have (seriously) on taking care of my three horses, and I got a big-girl job working in the horse industry helping others learn more about caring for their own horses. I’ve run less, trained more, and learned what it means to have to go to barrel races only after all of my bills are paid.

So, I think I’ve been a pretty good girl. Here are five things I’d love to see under my Christmas tree.

1. Last year, I asked Santa for a year’s supply of LubriSyn. This year, in the supplement category, my horses’ needs have changed a bit. What I really need is a year’s supply of Oxy-Gen GI products, everything from JailBreak GI to FirstAide to Xtreme GI Care.

2. In the tack department, I got the tack set of my dreams last year, made by Cowboy Couture. So, this year, I’m asking for spur straps from the same maker. Renee Clair Bearss’ spur straps are the perfect addition to my blossoming Cowboy Couture collection, and I’d bet money she’ll know how to make them match my red-and-black zebra stingray tack set.

3. Know what would go perfectly with my red-and-black stingray tack set and spur straps? A red Gypsy Tail of course! I’ve got pink already (as in the photo below), but I haven’t gotten myself a red one yet. Yes, I sell these awesomely fun horsey hair extensions, but that doesn’t mean I buy every color I want. If I did, I’d not sell any and run up my credit card bill into the hundreds by owning every color. Have you


4. What I do really need is a new saddle. I’ve been saving up for one for quite a while, but with three horses to feed, savings are a bit, well, slow. So, I figured I’d ask Santa. Though I’ve been a loyal Martin Saddlery lover for years now, I think it’s time for a change. I still love my Martin and will keep it for years to come, but I’m ready to move onto a Charmayne James Barrel Racer by Cactus Saddlery. Cactus has the best customizable options, and of all of the saddles I’ve sat in at trade shows recently, it put me closest to the horse while still fitting me properly. Santa, I need a 14”, if you were wondering : )

5. Last but not least, I’m asking for a few essential items of clothing. I can always use some new tops from Cowboy Militia, my all-time favorite maker of Western wear. Their tops are super affordable, too, so Santa, you won’t break the bank here. To go with my CM tops, I’d love a new pair of Cruel Girl Utility Jeans. While I’ve already gone through two pairs of the first version of these jeans, I’m yet to get the Cruel Girl Utility II Jeans. If they fit just like the first version, I’m sure I’ll buy pairs and pairs of them just to have as back ups. These have been, and will be, my favorite jeans for years to come!

Cowboy Militia Glory Top

Cruel Girl Utility II Jeans -- Available at


Ok Santa, I think I gave you a great starting point to shop for me and many other barrel racers like me. We all love our horses, our Western style, and our hot tack, and we are women who know what we want.

I’ve tried to be good all year, but I’m sure I’ve messed up more than a few times along the way. That’s part of being human I’m learning, and I’ll keep trying to be good Santa!




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