Top 10 of 2010

These are the posts that hit it big on The Barrel Racing Blog in 201o. For one reason or another, barrel racers across the country looked at these posts more than any others, even months after they were posted at the top of the Web site.

1. In Case You Haven’t Seen It…

Yes, across the country, TBRB’s readers love 8-year-old Regan Henning. This post was even shared by, drawing national media attention to the sport of barrel racing. Post a few days after Regan and Story Tellen Flower’s unbelievable Congress Sweepstakes win, TBRB was the go-to place to relive the run.

2. Want to Know the Story Behind 8-year-old Regan Henning?

Regan indeed occupies the top two spots on this countdown, as TBRB’s readers were hungry to learn more about this little dynamo in 2010. In this post, we learn about Regan, her sister Morgan, and their awesome duo of horses.

3. Weekend Review: SEBRA–Henderson’s Arena in Jackson, Ohio

This review of an arena, and a rodeo, that’s a popular spot for Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania barrel racers, drew in nearly readers by the hundreds in 2010. The basis of TBRB was to produce content helpful for barrel racers in this region, and it appears that this post indeed provided that service.

4. “Pretty Ladies on Fast Horses” … But What About the Men?

An eternal debate in barrel racing, this question drew in hundreds and hundreds of views and is still getting hits today. Should men be able to barrel race in rodeos? Some stock contractors, though just a few, are saying yes. Most, though, stick with a firm NO.

5. A Family Tradition–Teddy Terrific and the Ford Family

Everybody loves Teddy, and they proved that in 2010. The 21-year-old Chillicothe, Ohio, gelding had a huge year in 2010, being inducted into the NPBA Hall of Fame, being featured in America’s Horse and Horse&Rider, and claiming big wins in various arenas. But TBRB was first in bringing you the story behind Teddy and the family that has loved him for almost two decades.

6. Poppino Speaks Out After Her Round 4 Fall

TBRB’s readers have always loved hearing about Tana Poppino, so when she took a tumble in Round 4 of the NFR this month, our readers came by the hundreds to hear her resolve for the next six rounds. Tana reached out to her friends at TBRB and at On The Rodeo Road to tell her fans that all is well.

7. Cowboy Militia: A Barrel Racer’s Best Friend

In our very first giveaway, we partnered with my favorite clothing company to bring three readers three new Cowboy Militia shirts. We also told you about the company, and its efforts to be on the cutting-edge of Western fashion. I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll hear of Cowboy Militia on TBRB, like I said, they’re my favorite!

8. Hot Tack Review: Cowboy Couture, Inc.

If Cowboy Militia is my favorite clothing company, Cowboy Couture is definitely my favorite place to go for Western tack. I’m absolutely in love with my red and black zebra stingray set (complete with a matching halter!) from Cowboy Couture owner and designer Renee Clair Bearss, and I can’t wait for my spur straps to come in this month. And judging by the number of hits this post got, it looks like many of you are just drooling over her gear, too.

9. BillieAnn Sexton–Making It in the IPRA

First posted in 2009, TBRB reposted this story on BillieAnn Sexton in February as one of our “greatest hits.” Well, it looks like it’s still a classic, drawing in hundreds of views. Always eager to hear the secrets of the girls that are on the rodeo road full time, TBRB readers just loved hearing from BillieAnn.

10. Top 5 Barrel Racing Videos Online

A post featuring young Regan Henning again cracks the top 10. This post gave those of us working at a computer all day a great few minutes of escape into the world of barrel racing, with videos of Regan, Charmayne, Lance, Tanya, and Mesa.

Stick around in 2011 for more great content from TBRB!



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