Junior Horses to Watch for 2011: For Flits N Giggles and Krystal Dyer

We might have mounds of snow blocking in our horse trailers, but we barrel racers are all looking forward to the day we can roll down the driveway to a barrel race. Those days are just around the corner, and we’re going to give you a preview of some of the junior horses to watch in the Penn-Ohio Barrel Racing Association in 2011. You might have seen some of these horses at a few shows this winter, but most of these young ones will be new to the scene this spring.

First, get to know Krystal Dyer and her 4-year-old mare, For Flits N Giggles.

What are your horse’s name, age, and bloodlines?

For Flits N Giggles, foaled March 27, 2007. Her dad is Flit To Kill, her mom is My Masters Honey out of the late and great PerksMaster, who was out of Dash For Perks! Giggles is her nickname.

For Flits and Giggles living up to her name.

Giggles is in Future Fortune Inc.

How did you come to own her?

I bought this horse as a yearling from Barbara Kelley, of Kelley Quarter Horses in Mississippi. They own Flit To Kill. Giggles stayed in Dallas, Texas, for a year and a half at my parents’ house, John and Cindy Ward.

Did you do all of her training?

John and Cindy started this mare under saddle. She was very high spirited, we will just call it that. John is a cutting trainer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  I brought giggles up here to Ohio last winter and with the help of Mike Hulsinger got her started on the barrels in the spring and summer of 2010.

I started to compete on giggles December 1, 2010, when she was considered a 4 year old to be eligible for futurities.

What headgear (martingale, tiedown, etc.), if any, do you run her in?

I run giggles in an o-ring and a tiedown; she has a lot of run.

Which barrel is her best?

Her best barrel is her first barrel.

What exercise has helped her most in her training?

I do a lot of rollbacks with her to get her to be underneath herself and work off her hindquarters.

How many days a week do you ride her?

Currently I board her at Blue Lakes Farm in Newbury, Ohio, and she is worked 6 days a week, and 2 of those days worked on barrels but not using the pattern.

Of the pens you run in Penn-Ohio, which is your best pen with this horse?

The few pens this mare has been run at since Dec. 1, 2010, are Simmons Equestrian Center, Blue Lakes Farm, and Circle G. She has her best runs at Simmons in Negley, Ohio.  She is usually one second off there, very good for her age and experience level.

What other horses have you had success on?

I have had a few other horses that I did well on Sonny who I won alot in NBHA as a youth on, qualified for NBHA World, Youth World, and went to nationals on as a youth. I had a horse named Maverick who won alot of open races and rodeos down in texas. Monkey, who I have won alot of pole classes on, I have currently have gotten him back to run this year also. Monkey and I got 2nd two times at two bulls and barrels rodeos with a 12.7 both times a few years ago when I owned him previously. I also owned a horse named Dallas who got me qualified last year for the NBHA World Show. I bought him from my sister, Amber Warren. Dallas had won alot for the two of us over his career and is currently living in Dallas, Texas, with our mother and stepdad Cindy and John Ward.  Kitty was another 4-year-old mare I ran all last year, owned by Mike Hulsinger. I went to Murfreesboro, Tenn., with this mare and was one second off in the IBRA futurity with her! I also won the 3rd Division in IBRA PA for the year, and won a saddle with her. I got 3rd in Junior Horse with her this year in Penn Ohio. I also recieved numerous belt buckles, jackets, coolers, and boots over the years of my riding career which started as a youth.

What are your goals for this year?

My current goals for this year with Giggles is to continue her barrel training and let her work the pattern and have fun with her. She is a wonderful, well bred mare that is very willing to run and will for sure be a 1D horse to watch either this summer or next!  Of course we will be competing in all Penn Ohio Jr. Horse pointed shows to potentially be in the Top 5.  She deserves it, this mare is wonderful!!!!


Do you have a horse and rider to nominate as a top Junior Horse to watch for 2011? Email chelseaetoy@gmail.com, or comment on this post and let us know!


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